Dental Services & Fees

Below is a list of the basic services that are provided by the SHAC Dental Clinic. More comprehensive information regarding additional services and fees may be obtained at your initial visit. To schedule a dental appointment, please call the dental reception desk at 503.725.2611. Your student account will be billed for most of our services. You will be informed in advance if pre-payment is necessary for certain procedures.

See our Late Cancellation and No Show Fee Policy.

2017-2018 Dental Services & Fees

Office Visit: $30 per visit
Summer Office Visit: $45 per visit
Missed Appointment Fee: $30 per hour

Diagnostic & Preventive Services

Restorative Dentistry & Prosthetics

  • Fillings (Amalgam): $65-$125 (dependent on size and number of surfaces filled)
  • Composite fillings (White): $60-$155 (dependent on size and number of surfaces filled)
  • Crowns: $650-$685
  • Bridge-per tooth: $650-$655 (dependent on material)

Oral Surgery

  • Routine extraction-single tooth: $110-$115
  • Surgical extraction: $200-$205
  • Impacted wisdom teeth extractions: $280-$330


  • Root canal therapy-anterior: $350-$355
  • Root canal therapy-premolar: $475-$480
  • Root canal therapy-molar: $525-$530


  • Nitrous oxide: $55-$60 an hour
  • Night guard: $275-$280
  • Teeth bleaching tray: $125-$130 per tray
  • Root planning: $60-$110 per quadrant

Please note: The Standard of Care in Oregon requires that current radiographs are available prior to providing treatment to a patient. If a patient without a medical justification refuses to allow radiographs to be taken, even with the offer to sign a waiver, then providing treatment to that patient would violate the Standard of Care in Oregon (taken from the Oregon Board of Dentistry newsletter February 2012). If new patients have current (within the last year) radiographs from their last dentist they can have them sent to the Portland State dental clinic or bring them to their new patient appointment.