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Counseling Services Mission & Vision

Counseling Services' Vision

The vision of Counseling Services reflects that of the University at large in its commitment to foster access to a quality liberal education. We believe that an integral part of this aspiration is in maintaining students’ emotional health, thus empowering the student to achieve academic success, experience healthy and satisfying relationships and collectively take part in a supportive campus community.

Counseling Services' Mission

Counseling Services is committed to enhancing our students' ability to engage in a successful university experience by applying our clinical expertise in human behavior to mitigate emotional problems as well as assist students in developing and recognizing their strengths. The application of this expertise may involve prevention, intervention, assessment, outreach, consultation, skill development training, and/or applied research. Counseling Services is also committed to providing a quality training experience for future professionals in the fields of clinical and counseling psychology, social work, psychiatry, and counselor education.

Counseling Services provides only short-term individual therapy, to assist with crisis intervention, problem solving, adjustment issues, and similar matters that may interfere with your academic success at PSU. Therapy may be provided in a group or individual format. If we determine that your needs are outside the scope of care available at our center, such as more long-term, intensive or specialized care, or hospitalization, you will be referred to an appropriate mental health provider in the community.