SHAC Cost & Billing

Important Information for Students with Private Insurance

Any PSU student enrolled in five or more in-load, non-Restricted Differential Tuition credit hours a term are eligible to use the services at the Center for Student Health & Counseling (SHAC). However, students who have waived out of the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan should be aware of some important items regarding SHAC billing and coordinating services with a private insurer.

Cost and Billing

A Student Health Fee covers most Medical and Counseling Services at SHAC. However, there are some services that incur an additional cost. For students with private insurance (i.e. are not on the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan) these charges are billed to the student’s PSU account. The student can request a statement from SHAC itemizing the billable services received, and also the necessary information an insurance company needs to process a claim. The student’s insurer will decide whether the expense is covered and reimbursed.

If you are covered under a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) such as Kaiser or Medicaid/Medicare such as the Oregon Health Plan please discuss this with your provider before engaging in any of the additional services listed below. These services (other than Office Visits) will not be covered at SHAC if you are covered by one of these types of plans.

To request a statement of services received in SHAC Health Services or Counseling Services to submit to a private insurer, log-on to the Patient Portal using your ODIN logon and password, and follow these steps:*

  • Verify your date of birth. 
  • Click on the box with three lines in it found in the upper lefthand corner (the "hamburger" box). 
  • Select Account Summary. 
  • You will see a history of any visit to Health or Counseling Services. There is an option to Print for each date of service. 

If you have any questions, difficulties, or do not see what you need, send a confidential secure message using the Patient Portal. From the main menu, select Messages. Then select the Communication Option "I have a billing question."

*Portland-based University of Oregon students cannot access the Patient Portal. If you are a Portland-based University of Oregon student who has received services at SHAC and wish to receive a statement to submit to your private insurer, send a message to the SHAC Billing Specialist.

There are special instructions on how to submit PacificSource claims for possible insurance reimbursement.


Health Services: 

Counseling Services:

  • Office Visits: $0. Office visits are covered by the Student Health Fee (summer charges will apply for students taking less than 5 credit hours during summer term). 
  • Career Assessment: $62-$108
  • Learning Disability Assessment: $600*
  • Late Cancelation or No-Show Fee: $25

Testing Services:

Services and costs can be found on the Testing Services website.

Dental Services:

Services and costs can be found on the Dental Services website. Dental Services charges are billed to a student’s PSU account. However, there are some high-cost procedures which may require payment upfront. Call Dental Servicesc at 503.725.2611 for more information.

If a student has dental insurance, and their insurer allows the student to receive treatment at SHAC Dental Services,  SHAC staff will submit a claim to the student's dental insurer on their behalf. Dental Services is not responsible for the determination of a student's dental insurance benefits.


*Students with the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan will be covered at 100%.

**Please see the 2017-18 PSU PacificSource Student Health Insurance Brochure for current coverage rates.