Consultation to Faculty, Staff, & Student Groups

In addition to their clinical work at SHAC, Counseling staff are involved in a variety of outreach efforts to the campus community. We offer a number of consultation training services that include:

  • One-on-one or small group Mental Health Consultations (helping someone with concerns about a person with emotional difficulties)
  • Guest Lectures (i.e. Psychology, Public Health, FRINQ, Capstone)
  • Program Development (i.e. helping a person or group plan a program)
  • Committee Involvement
  • Critical Incident Consultation (i.e. assault, suicide)
  • Workshops (i.e. stress management, mindfulness, test anxiety)

We are always interested in expanding our work within the PSU community. If you are interested in working with our staff on a project, please feel free to call Counseling Services Director Marcy Hunt at 503.725.2800.