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2014-15 PSU Student Health Insurance Plan Changes and Rates*

The coverage and general terms outlined in the 2013-14 PSU Policy are maintained for the 2014-15 policy year with the following modifications:

  • There is an Annual Deductible of $300 (in-network)/$600( out-of network).
  • The Out-of-Pocket max is $5,000(in-network)/$10,000(out-of network). Any amounts paid towards the satisfaction of the deductible, coinsurance, or copays will be applied to the Out-of-Pocket maximum.
  • The Out-of-Network coinsurance is 50%
  • The prescription copays are $30/$50/$60 with $20 at SHAC
  • Mail order prescriptions were added (Receive 3 months of prescription for the cost of 2 months)
  • The Emergency Room copay is $250
  • The Inpatient Hospital copay is $250

See the 2014-15 Student Health Insurance Brochure for a full detailed list of coverage.

2014-15 Policy Year Rates Total annual cost Fall
spring/summer Summer Only**
Coverage Dates   9/20/14- 1/4/15 1/5/15- 3/29/15 3/30/15- 9/19/15 6/22/15- 9/19/15
Student Only $2,082 $694
$694 $694 $513
International Spouse Only $3,120 $1,040
$1,040 $1,040 $769
International Per Child Only $2,598 $866 $866 $866 $641

*The rates and plan changes for the 2014-15 Policy Year were impacted by Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements including no medical maximum, no more pre-existing condition exclusions, ACA taxes, along with high utilization by students during both the 2012-13 and 2013-14 Academic Years.

**Students not on the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan Spring Term 2015. Students on the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan during Spring term, automatically are covered throughout the summer at no additional cost.