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Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2013

SAAM 2013

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The Women's Resource Center, the Healthy Campus Initiative and campus partners present Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2013! This year's timely national theme for April/Sexual Assault Awareness Month is 'It's time to talk about it.' With all the media attention on the issues including the Steubenville rape trail, films and legislative hearings on military sexual violence, and changes in the Violence Against Women Act, we are in a unique moment of national discussion on issues of consent, community responsibility, and sexual violence.

Sexual violence is a significant concern that affects the health, well-being, and academic success of our students. PSU is committed to continually working to improve our coordinated campus efforts to prevent and respond to incidents of sexual violence. As part of this effort we invite all PSU community members to support Sexual Violence Awareness Month through attending our events, spreading the word within your departments or student groups, and picking up a "red flag" button to wear throughout the month. When people ask you what the button is for, take the opportunity to talk about it: why sexual violence is a critical issue and all of the ways we can work to prevent it.

To learn more please join us at the events we're hosting throughout the month of April or check out the materials on this site. Feel free to call the WRC at 503-725-5672 with any questions.

Get involved.
What you can do to prevent Sexual Violence:

Prevent sexual violence by learning more about:


“Only 'Yes' Means Yes: What Steubenville's Rape Trial Reminds Us About Sexual Consent” by Jessica Valenti and Jaclyn Friedman

Men’s Leadership in Ending Sexual Violence:

PSU’s Men in the Movement Action Team
Tony Porter: A Call To Men
Violence & Silence: Jackson Katz, Ph.D at TEDxTalks

Bystander Intervention:

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something:

A Needed Response:

the short video by University of Oregon student Samantha Stendal that’s gone viral.

Who are you?

an eight minute video produced by a school in New Zealand mapping out an assault situation and the multiple intervention points.

Tools for bystander intervention: