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OPENING ART RECEPTION: Consumerism and the value of sustainable practices
Thursday, August 2, 2012 - 6:00pm

What: Join Deep Field Gallery as we celebrate the work of headlining Oregon Artist and philanthropist, Krislyn Dillard. Enjoy a glass of wine and delicious food from the chefs at Green Card and view beautiful art!

Where: Deep Field Gallery, 1126 NW 13th Avenue, Portland

This series uses a variety of methods and images to describe the idea of contrasts.

Today, we live in a world moving more and more into consumerism and leaving behind the idea of old fashioned, homemade items.  Along with these items being left behind are the skills needed to create them. In this generation, a growing dependency rises on those companies that now mass produce various items for wide spread consumption and inevitable waste manufacture or recycling.

This introspective look into society’s changing behavior with consumerism, health, agriculture, and the value of sustainable practices changing for convenience and its anthropological effects on our society are beautifully captured in Dillard’s compelling new series.

This series has allowed Dillard to explore the shapes, textures, and colors in a powerful contrasting manner, making these aspects work against each other and ultimately work together to create a balanced composition. Colors, negative spaces, text, and drips were all used to carry the theme of contrasts.

The practice of creating her works strikes Dillard as both an avenue of expression of her anthropological study and for the perfection of her truly skilled brush stroke.  The work itself sheds light on the realization that even art, a handmade creation is now at times being replaced with mass produced, prefabricated art, lacking the authentic human interaction with the process of creation. This same interaction and creativity which gives life to a painting are just as important in the process of creating a pair of gloves, or a nutritious meal.

Each painting in this series is a telling story of its own in the greater vision of contrasts.

Krislyn Dillard is an abstract   oil,   acrylic and gouache painter inspired by nature and the search for the perfect form.   She is influenced by duality, light, water movement, myths and folktales and modern issues as they connect   to our   shared past.   Her origins from a suburbia middle class family leave her with a lack of connection to any one culture which she finds gives her an outside-looking-in perspective. She is continually driven to learn more about the art and the history of our world as well as the motivations of different cultures and the similarities we all share. Her   publications   include   Denali   Magazine   in   February  2010,  S.L.A.M  Magazine in September 2010 and a review in The Willamette Weekly October 2010. Krislyn studied at the Pacific Northwest   College of Art   in Portland,  OR. Her   recent   exhibitions have included Spaces Between at The Darras Gallery, Shape PDX and Contrasts at Deep Field Gallery.