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School Health Education

Starting Fall 2015, the curriculum for incoming students is shown below

This concentration area is intended for students interested in teaching health education within a public or private school setting. Upon completion of their bachelor's degree, they are eligible to apply to the fifth-year Graduate Teacher Education Program (GTEP) in the Graduate School of Education at PSU. After completingthe GTEP, they will be certified to teach in the state of Oregon. Students must complete:

Students pursuing a concentration in school health education must complete:

Required Coursework:

PHE 275 - Stress Management 4
PHE 295 - Health Promotion/Disease Prevention 4
PHE 325 - Nutrition for Health 4
PHE 326 - Drug Education 4
PHE 335 - Human Sexuality 4
PHE 365 - Health Promotion Programs for Children and Youth 4
PHE 448- Health Ed. Tech. and Strategies
Ed 420 - Introduction to Education 4
PSY 311 - Human Development 4


8 credits of electives from the following list:

CFS 390 - Sex and the Family 4
CI 432 - Computer Applications for the Classroom 3
PSY 346 - Learning 4
SOC 337 - Minorities 4
SPED 418 - Survey of Exceptional Learners 3
PHE Elective course as approved by advisor
Women's Studies courses on Violence and Sexuality as approved

*An anatomy and physiology sequence (2 series) is required by Portland State University's GTEP program*

A list of Health and Physical Education pre-requisites for the GTEP program can be found here