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Bridges Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Bridges student and a Bridges intern?

All Bridges students will have access to the health and biomedical seminars, student bioscience associations, peer student mentors, family events, and networking. Bridges students will also have an opportunity to apply for a Bridges summer research internship at PSU. Selected Bridges interns will have a paid internship in faculty research labs and/or projects as well as PSU faculty mentoring.


What are the expectations of Bridges interns?

You will be expected to work on your research project 20-30 hours per week from June 16 to September 15. Much of that time will be under the direct supervision of your faculty researcher. Your internship schedule will depend on the faculty researcher you are assigned to work with.


Is the summer research internship at PSU paid?

You will be paid $12 per hour for conducting research at PSU.

How often are interns paid?

Interns are paid once per month, on the last weekday of each month.

What does it mean to be dual enrolled at PCC and PSU?

Portland Community College has a dual enrollment agreement with Portland State University, which allows students to co-enroll at PCC and PSU. The co-admission program is designed to give students greater flexibility and wider choices by combining the best course offerings and advising resources. The Co-Admission program provides a more seamless transition for your undergraduate degree completion. Benefits of the program include:

·         Access to PSU academic advisers at PCC each term

·         Coordinated financial aid and scholarships (if eligible)

·         Library privileges at both campuses

·         Computer lab access on both campuses

·         Increased opportunities for study abroad and internship

·         Least costly route for your college degree


Do I have to be dual enrolled to participate in Bridges to the Baccalaureate?

No, you are not required to be dual enrolled to participate in the Bridges program.