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M.P.H. Degree Requirements

Completing the M.P.H. degree in health promotion requires:

  1. At least 60 credits of coursework approved by the academic advisor, including:
    • OMPH core courses (17 credits) See below
    • Required Community Health track courses (28 credits) See below
    • Internship (6 credits)
    • Area of interest (chosen after entering program) (9 credits)
  2. A minimum 3.0 (B) grade point average for all work completed in graduate standing.
  3. Successful completion of 200 hours of internship experience in the form of field training. This includes the development of a comprehensive field-based project and a written report. The internship topic must be connected to the student's chosen area of emphasis.
  4. Successful completion of a comprehensive exam.


Health Promotion Curriculum

Required SPH Core Courses

Core Course Title Credits Course Number
Principles of Health Behavior 3 PHE 512
Etiology of Disease 3 PHE 519
Epidemiology I 4 PHE 530
Introduction to Biostatistics 4 PHPM 524
Health Systems Organization 3 PAH 574
Environmental Health 3 PHE 580


Track Required Courses

Course Title Credits Course Number
Foundations of Public Health 3 PHE 511
Community Organizing 3 PHE 517
Quantitative Research Design 3 PHE 521
Mass Communication & Health, or Media Advocacy 3 PHE 540 or PHE 541
Health Promotion Program Planning 4 PHE 550
Program Evaluation and Management in Health Services 3 PAH 588
Qualitative Research Design 3 PHE 520
Values and Ethics in Health 3 PAH 573