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M.A./M.S. Health Studies

The M.A./M.S. degree in health studies is designed to provide a research-oriented opportunity for students with an interest in physical activity/exercise. Students must complete each of the common required courses (including the completion and defense of a thesis) as well as a concentration of courses in the area of physical activity/exercise.
Students applying to the M.A./M.S. degree program should have an undergraduate academic background in a health-related discipline. Previous coursework in the biological sciences may be helpful, depending upon the graduate academic plan of study that the student wishes to pursue.
Students pursuing the M.A./M.S. degree in health studies must complete at least 49 graduate credits with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. This includes a core of 19 credits, and two options: a thesis option with 18 additional credits from the physical activity/exercise concentration and 3 credits of electives, or a project option with 21 additional credits.
All M.A./M.S. students must complete a thesis or a project.
Common Required Courses (19 Credits)
Course Number
Course Name
PHE 512
Principles of Health Behavior
PHE 520
Qualitative Research Design
PHE 521
Quantitative Research Design & Analysis
PHE 530
Epidemiology I
PHE 576
Physical Activity, Health & Disease
PHE 577 Exercise, Nutrition & Performance 3

Thesis (9 credits) or Project (6 credits)

Physical Activity/Exercise Concentration - Thesis Option (18 credits) or Project Option (21 credits)
Course Number
Course Name Credits
USP 534 Data Analysis 4
SOC 592 Qualitative Methods 4
PSY 550 Occupational Health Psychology 4
PSY 571 Health Psychology 4
PHE 507 Seminar 3
PHE 545 Men's Health 4
PHE 546 Urban and Community Health 3
PHE 551 Women's Holistic Health 3
PHE 552 Women's Health 3
PHE 556 Health Aspects of Aging 4
PHE 558 Perspectives on Aging 3
PHE 573 Physiology of Exercise 4
PHE 575 Exercise Testing Techniques 4
BI 517 Mammalian Physiology 4
BI 518 Comparative Animal Phsyiology 4
BI 520 Ethical Practice in the Life Sciences 4
BI 553 Biology of Aging 3
BI 562  Neurophysiology 

[Other graduate courses may be substituted only with advisor pre-approval]

Complete at least three (3) credits of electives