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Aging Services Minor

To earn a minor in aging services, students must complete 28 credits. At least 16 credits must be taken in residence at PSU, and 16 credits must be upper division.

Aging Services Minor Advising Sheet

Core Courses (19-20 credit minimum)

PHE 456 Health Aspects of Aging

Choose TWO of the following:

PHE 454U Social Gerontology

SOC 469 Sociology of Aging

PSY 462 Psychology of Adult Development and Aging

PHE 410 Families and Aging

Choose ONE of the following:

PHE 471 Program Planning and Evaluation

PA 588 Program Evaluation and Management in Health Services

EC 316 Intro to Health Economics

PA 570 Health Administrations

Choose ONE of the following:

BA 306 Work w/Money for business minors

BA 316 Work w/Customers for business minors

BA 326 Work w/People for business minors

BA 336 Work w/Information for business minors

BA 346 Work as an Entrepreneur for business minors

Elective courses (7-8 credit minimum)

PHE 410 Health and Housing Across the Life Course

PHE 250 Our Community, Our Health

PHE 295 Health Promotion, Disease Prevention

PHE 350 Health and Health Systems

PHE 363 Communicable and Chronic Diseases

PHE 370 Applied Kinesiology*

PHE 444U Global Health OR PHE 410 International Health and Aging

PHE 446 Community Health Prinicples and Practices

PHE 450 Epidemiology*

COMM 477 Communication and Aging

PHE 410 Families and Aging

PHE 473 Physiology of Exercise*

PHE 425U Nutrition for Health

CH 250 Nutrition

*These courses have recommended pre-requisites, please check with an advisor