Visiting and Exchange Students

Visiting and Exchange StudentsVisiting Students

Students who wish to take courses at the Portland State School of Business but who are completing a degree at another institution will need to follow some simple instructions before registering for courses at PSU:

  1. Become admitted to Portland State University, either through an exchange program or as a visiting student. Students planning to take 8 credits or less may enroll at PSU with the Non Degree form. Students planning on taking more than 8 credits may enroll at PSU through PSU Admissions.

  2. Students who wish to take 200-, 300- or 400-level business classes must fill out the Special Permission-Visiting Student Status form (PDF) and have it signed by the student's advisor at their home school.

The computer system does not recognize class standing or prerequisites for visiting or exchange students. As a result, visiting and exchange students must register for courses by submitting the special permission/visiting student status form to SBA 240 or via email to, then registering online at

Exchange Students | Business Management Core (BMC)

Portland State University’s Business Management Core (BMC) Program is a custom designed 36 credit hour exchange program designed for business and economics students who have completed three years of undergraduate education from three Chinese universities: Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, Zhengzhou University, and Guangdong University of Finance. This credit program is designed to prepare students for entry into graduate programs in U.S. universities. Students are admitted to Portland State University and receive official transcripts after completing the program. Learn more.