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Special Programs

At the School of Business, we recognize that one size cannot fit all. Being the largest and most diverse business school in Oregon, each of our special programs aims to create a stronger sense of community for those who are looking to surround themselves with students with similar needs. Click on the links below to learn more about our special programs.

EXCEL for High School Students | Dual Credit Program

Earn college credit with PSU's business curriculum.

Dean's Future Leaders Group

Be mentored by Erica Wagner and build professional networks with fellow members and alum of the group.

Dean's Student Circle

Be mentored by Cliff Allen and build professional networks with fellow members and aluim of the group.

Four Year Degree Guarantee  

Sign an agreement that guarantees you support and courses necessary to graduate in four years.

Mentor Programs

Benefit from the exclusive access to a portfolio of mentoring opportunities, from professionals to faculty to peers.

Pathways to the Future Diversity Program

Dedicated to increasing diversity in the business world by strengthening today’s business students, offering scholarships, mentoring, academic support, professional development, and career placement services to ethnically and racially diverse students of all majors.

Summer Business Institute

An on-campus experience for college-bound juniors and seniors to experience college first-hand and prepare for successful enrollment.