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  • Behavioral Research in Accounting
  • Issues in Accounting Education
  • Research on Professional Responsibility and Ethics in Accounting

Associate Editor

  • Advances in Accounting Education
  • Journal of Accounting Education


  • Human capital practices in public accounting firms, gender and diversity issues in accounting, auditor ethics


AAA 2013 Western Region Meeting Best Paper Award for “Off-Ramped Accounting Academics: Remedy to Accounting Faculty Shortage?” with A. Baldwin, A. Jones-Farmer, M. Lightbody and L.E. Single.

AAA Diversity Section Outstanding Diversity Paper Award for “Stalled Progression of Women into the Partnership: An Examination of Post-Senior Manager Position in Public Accounting” with L. Single, 2009.

Selected Recent Activity

Refereed Publications

Almer, E.D. and Christensen, A. (2008). "Revisiting Hiring Decisions by Public Accounting Firms: The Impact of Academic Qualifications, Age and Gender on New-Hire Evaluations." Advances in Accounting Education, 9, 77-94.

Almer, E.D., Kaplan, S.E., and Grambling, A. (2008). "Impact of Post-Restatement Actions Taken by a Firm on Non-professional Investors‟ Credibility Perceptions," Journal of Business Ethics. 80(1), 61-76.

Blanthorne, C., Jones-Farmer, L.A. and Almer, E.D. (2006). "Why You Should Consider SEM: A Guide to Getting Started," Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research, 9, 183-212..

Almer, E.D., R.G. Brody and J.J. Masselli (2005). "Diversity and Hiring Practices: Cross-Cultural Differences Between the U.S. and Spain." Global Perspectives on Accounting Education, 2, 37-51.

Almer, E.D., Higgs, J and Hooks, K. (2005). "A Theoretical Framework of the Relationship Between Public Accounting Firms and Their Professionals," Behavioral Research in Accounting, 17, 1-22.

Almer, E.D., Cohen, J.R. and Single, L.E. (2004). "Is It the Kids or the Schedule? The Incremental Effect of Families and Flexible Scheduling on Perceived Career Success," Journal of Business Ethics, 54(1), 51-65.

Almer, E.D., Cohen, J.R. and Single, L.E. (2003). "Factors Affecting the Choice to Participate In Flexible Work Arrangements," Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory, 22(1), 1-23.

Almer, E.D., Hopper, J.R. and Kaplan, S.E. (2003). "Manipulating Presentation Format: A Research Tool to Increase Attention," Journal of Business and Psychology, 17(3), 405-418.

Almer, E.D. and Brody, R.G. (2002). "An Empirical Investigation of Context-Dependent Communications Between Auditors and Bankers," Managerial Auditing, 17(8), 478-486.

Almer, E.D. and Kaplan, S.E. (2002). "The Effects of Flexible Work Arrangements on Stressors, Burnout and Behavioral Job Outcomes," Behavioral Research in Accounting, 14, 1-34.

Collins, F., Almer, E.D. and Mendoza, R.I. (1999). "Budget Games and Effort: Differences Between the United States and Latin America," Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation, 8(2), 1-27.

Almer, E.D., Hopper, J.R. and Kaplan, S.E. (1998). "The Effect of Diversity Related Attributes on Hiring, Advancement and Voluntary Turnover Judgments," Accounting Horizons, 12(1), 1-17.

Almer, E.D., Jones, K. and Moeckel, C. (1998). "The Impact of One-Minute Papers on Learning in an Introductory Accounting Course," Issues in Accounting Education, 13(3), 485-497.

Almer, E.D. and Moeckel, C. (1995). "Perceptions of Senior Auditors: Ethical Issues and Factors Affecting Actions," (published as E.M. Dreike) Research on Accounting Ethics, 1, 331-348.

Refereed Practitioner Publications

Almer, E.D. and Single, L.E. (2004). "Career Consequences of Flexible Work Arrangements: Consideration of the Daddy Track," The CPA Journal, LXXIV(9), 56-58.

Olazabal, A.M. and Almer, E.D. (2001). "Independence and Public Perception: Why We Need to Care," Journal of Accountancy, 191(4), 69.

Almer, E.D. and Kaplan, S.E. (2000) "Myths and Realities of Flexible Work Arrangements," The CPA Journal, LXX(4), 14-19.

Invited Publications

Almer, E.D. (2007). "AICPA Work/Life and Women's Initiatives 2004 Research: A Decade of Changes in The Accounting Profession: Workforce Trends and Human Capital Practices. Executive Summary." Issues in Accounting Education, 22(1), 59-66.

Almer, E. D. and Single, L.A. (2007). "Shedding Light on the AICPA Work/Life and Women‟s Initiatives Research: What does it mean to educators and students?" Issues in Accounting Education, 22(1), 67-77.

Almer, E.D. (2006). "Understanding Generational Differences May Hold Key to Turnover." Leaders' Edge, November/December. 

Almer, E.D. (2005). "Advice From Trailblazers and Rising Stars." The Journal of Accountancy, 200(3), 97-99.

Selected Conference Presentations

American Accounting Association Western Region Meeting, Portland, OR, May 2010. “ Indicators of Public Company Audit Committee Effectiveness” with K. Hertz Rupley and D. Philbrick.

American Accounting Association Annual Meeting, New York, NY, August 2009. “Indicators of Public Company Audit Committee Effectiveness” with K. Hertz Rupley and D. Philbrick.

American Accounting Association Diversity Conference, San Antonio, TX, August 2009.  “Stalled Progression of Women into the Partnership: An Examination of the ‘Post-Senior Manager’ Position in Public Accounting” with L. Single.

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