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Journal of Information Systems

International Journal of Information Systems


  • Decision-making with accounting information - reliance on decision
  • Business metrics and measures for environmental sustainability


  • Co-PI on a five-year $3 million NSF grant to fund doctoral studies in ecosystem services at PSU.
  • Co-PI of an $87,000 grant to partner with the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services and the Pollution Prevention Resource Center to provide assistance to small firms interested in implementing environmental initiatives as a part of their business processes.

Selected Recent Activity

Refereed Journal Articles

Plumlee, M., D. Brown, R. Hayes, and R.S. Marshall. (2015) “Voluntary Environmental Disclosure Quality and Firm Value: Further Evidence.” Journal of Accounting and Public Policy. 34(4):336-361.

Rupley, K., D. Brown and R.S. Marshall. (2012). “Governance, Media, and the Quality of Environmental Disclosure.” Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 31(6): 610–640.

Ervin, D., Brown, D., Chang, H., Dujon, V., Granek, E., Shandas,  V., and Yeakley, A. (2011) “Growing Cities Depend on Ecosystem Services”. Solutions  Nov-Dec.:74-86.

Costanza, R., Kubiszewski, I., Ervin, D., Bluffstone, R., Boyd, J., Brown, D. et al. (2011). Valuing ecological systems and services. F1000 Biology Reports, 3 (14).   

Marshall, R. Scott, Darrell Brown & Marlene Plumlee. (2007). "‘Negotiated transparency'? Corporate citizenship engagement and environmental disclosure".  Journal of Corporate Citizenship, 28: 43-60.

Marshall, R. S. & Brown, D. (2003). "The Strategy of Sustainability: A Systems Perspective on Norm Thompson Outfitters' Environmental Stewardship Initiatives." California Management Review, 46: 101-126.

Marshall, R. S. & Brown, D. (2003) "Corporate Environmental Reporting: What's in a Metric?" Business Strategy and the Environment, 12: 87-103.

Non-Refereed Publications

Yeakley, J. A., D. Ervin, H. Chang, E. Granek, V. Dujon, V. Shandas, and D. Brown (2016) Ecosystem Services of Streams and Rivers, in River Systems: Research and Management for the 21st Century edited by Gilvear, Greenwood, Thoms, and Wood. John Wiley and Sons.

 Taylor, M., D. Brown, D. Ervin, J. Thayer and B. Cassidy. (2013). A Genuine Metric for Business Sustainability. Chapter 15 in, Building a Green Economy: Perspectives from Ecological Economics, edited by Robert B. Richardson. East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University Press.

Costanza, R., Kubiszewski, I., Ervin, D., Bluffstone, R., Boyd, J., Brown, D. et al. (2011). Valuing ecological systems and services. F1000 Biology Reports, 3 (14).

Brown, D., Dillard, J. and Marshall, R.S. (2005). "Strategically Informed, Environmentally Conscious Information Requirements for Accounting Information Systems," Journal of Information Systems, 19, 79-103.
Book Chapters

Marshall, R. S., Brown, D., & Plumlee, M. (2011). Driving to distraction or disclosure: Shareholder activism, institutional investors and firms’ environmental transparency. In S. C. Jain and B. L. Kedia (editors). Enhancing global competitiveness through sustainable environmental stewardship. (pp. 153-183). Northampton, MA: Edward Edgar Publishing.

Brown, D., Dillard, J., and Marshall, R. S.  (2008)  "Triple bottom line: A business metaphor for a social construct".  in Understanding the social dimension of sustainability. Edited by Jesse Dillard, Veronica Dujon and Mary C. King. Routledge Press.

Selected Conference Presentations

Brown, D., R. S. Marshall, and K. Rupley. “Evolution of Corporate Reporting: From Stand-alone CSR Reporting to Integrated Reporting” 2012 California State Fullerton Corporate Reporting and Governance Conference, Fullerton, CA. September 20, 2012. Recognized for conference Best Paper Award

Plumlee, M., Brown, D., Hayes, R., and R Scott Marshall.  Voluntary Environmental Disclosure Quality and Firm Value: Further Evidence”. 35rd Annual European Accounting Congress, Ljubljana, Slovenia; May 10, 2012

Brown, D. “Sustainability and the role of a business (school)” invited presentation Ecotrust brown bag; Portland, OR. March 7, 2012

Brown, D. “Building a Successful Business Case”.  invited presentation NEBC Business and the Environment annual conference; Portland, OR. November 9, 2011.

Brown, D. “Environmental accounting: What it is, what it is not, what it can be” invited presentation Annual meeting of Beta Alpha Psi regional conference; Portland, OR. April 15, 2011

Brown, D., Marshall, R. S., & Plumlee, M. (May 19-21, 2010). Voluntary environmental disclosure quality and firm value: Roles of venue and industry type. European Accounting Congress, Istanbul, Turkey.

American Accounting Association Western Regional Conference, Portland, OR, April 2010.  “Multi-stakeholder Governance: Impact on Environmental Disclosure,” with K. Rupley and S. Marshall; presented in a concurrent session.

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