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Research - Charla Mathwick

Research Fellow

University of Maastrict, The Netherlands

Recent Activity

Refereed Publications

Mosteller, Jill and Charla Mathwick (2014), “Reviewer Online Engagement: The Role of Rank, Well-being, and Market Helping Behavior,” Journal of Consumer Marketing, 31 (6-7), 464-474.

Labrecque, Lauren, Jonas vor dem Esche, Charla Mathwick, Tom Novak, and Charles Hofacker, (2013) “Consumer Power: Evolution in the Digital Age” Journal of Interactive Marketing, 27 (4) November, 257-269.

Mathwick, C., Wagner, J., & Unni, R. (2010). Computer mediated customization tendency (CMCT) and the adaptive e-service experience. Journal of Retailing, 86, 11-21.

Mathwick, C., Wiertz, C., de Ruyter, K. (2008). Social capital production in a virtual P3 community. Journal of Consumer Research, 34, 832-849.

Mathwick, C. (2005). The effect of playful web experiences on brand attitude formation. Advances in Consumer Research, 65-97.

Mathwick, C., & Rigdon, E. (2004). Play, flow, and the online search experience. Journal of Consumer Research, 31, 324-33.

Mathwick, C., Malhotra, N. K., & Rigdon, E. (2002). The effect of dynamic retail experiences on experiential perceptions of value: An internet and catalog comparison. Journal of Retailing, 78, 51-60.

Mathwick, C. (2002). Understanding the online consumer: A typology of online relational norms and behavior. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 16, 40-55.

Mathwick, C., Malhotra, N. K., & Rigdon, E. (2001). Experiential value, conceptualization, measurement and application in the catalog and internet shopping environment. Journal of Retailing, 77, 39-56.

Selected Conference Presentations

Mathwick, Charla (2014), “The Value Proposition Threshold,” Industry Studies Association 2014 Conference, Portland, OR.

Mathwick, Charla (2010), “Managing User Generated Content Production,” Presented at 2010 AMA Summer Educators’ Conference, Boston, MA

Mathwick, Charla, Craig Ostbo and Jascha Kaykas-Wolff (2010), “Key Influencers: Locating, Measuring, and Creating Programs to Influence Social Media Influencers,” Special Session: Academy of Marketing Sciences, Presented at Spring, 2010 Annual Conference, Portland, OR.

Mathwick, Charla (2009), “Balancing Intrinsic Motivation and Extrinsic Rewards: An Exploratory Investigation Into User Generated Content Production, Academy of Consumer Research, Presented at Fall 2009 Conference, Pittsburg, PA.

Wiertz, Caroline, Charla Mathwick, and Ko de Ruyter (2009), A Balancing Act: Governance in a Virtual P3 Community,” Academy of Consumer Research, Presented at Fall 2009 Conference, Pittsburg, PA.

Mathwick, Charla (2006), “Building Loyalty by Sponsoring Virtual Peer-to-Peer Problem Solving (P3) Communities,” A.M.A. Summer Educators’ Conference: Chicago, IL.

Mathwick, Charla (2005), “The Use of Multi-Group Structural Equation Techniques to Model Moderating Influences,” Eden Special Doctoral Seminar in Research Methods in Services Marketing, Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Mathwick, Charla, R.M. Unni, and Janet Wagner (2004), “Co-producing the e-Servicescape: Drivers and Outcomes of the Customization Experience,” Presentation: 12th Annual A.M.A. Services Frontiers Conference, Miami, FL.

Mathwick, Charla (2003), Consumer Attitudes and Behavior on the Internet, Discussant, A.M.A. Summer Educators’ Conference, Chicago, IL.

Mathwick, Charla (2003), Pricing and Value, Session Chair, A.M.A. Summer Educator’s Conference, Chicago, IL.

Rigdon, Edward and Charla Mathwick (2003), “Unresolved Issues in Structural Equation Modeling,” Special Session Participant at the A.M.A. Winter Educators’ Conference, Orlando, FL.

Mathwick, Charla (2002), “The Value of Virtual Community Sponsorship,” Special Session Presenter at the A.M.A. Summer Educators’ Conference, San Diego, CA.

Mathwick, Charla (2001). “E-Services Loyalty,” Presentation at the 10th Annual A.M.A. Services Frontiers Conference, Washington, DC.

Mathwick, Charla (1999), Frequent Repurchasing and Loyalty in Services, Session Chair, A.M.A. Summer Educators' Conference, San Francisco, CA.

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