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Meet Zaidi Moin, MBA '16
Meet Zaidi Moin, MBA '16

My Background

I recently immigrated to United States after more than 14 years of military service with the Royal Malaysian Navy. I have a variety of logistics and supply chain management experience. I graduated from National Defense University (Malaysia) with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and University of New South Wales (Australia) with a graduate degree in Management Studies in Logistics.

My Experience at Portland State University

I started the PSU MBA program as a full-time student in Fall 2014. The decision to join PSU Business School was primarily based on its reputation for community connections, specifically preparing students for their future career development. As a student, I have multiple opportunities to get involved in tailored professional programs provided by the school, such as different career panels and business breakfast sessions with local business leaders.

My Future Goals

A career change was the motivation for me to pursue the MBA program. In the future, I am looking to be part of an international conglomerate that takes pride in their products and serving their customers while giving back to the community. It is my aspiration to be surrounded by and working with people who have vision for the future, who are able to nurture and develop creative solutions, and to make the world a better place for future generations.

Zaidi is a Graduate Business Programs Ambassador, a group of students and alumni dedicated to sharing what it is really like to be a masters student at Portland State. Click here to contact Zaidi.