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Meet our Nine New Faculty Members
Meet our Nine New Faculty Members

This Fall we will have the pleasure of welcoming new talent to the School of Business.Nine new faculty hires are joining our team.

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Brian Bolton – Finance
Brian has 10 years of teaching experience after receiving his MBA from the University of Texas and a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado. His teaching focuses on business valuation and financial analysis. He looks forward to teaching valuation because “textbooks teach finance and valuation as if it’s a process that can be standardized. In practice, it is nothing of the sort. Every situation is different and must be customized. I look forward to helping my students understand that valuation is as much an art as it is a science.” His primary area of research is in understanding the U.S. corporate governance structures at large. He looks forward to living in a “vibrant city” and hopes that his work is able to have an impact outside of academia and the classroom.
Lauren Skinner-Beitelspacher – Marketing
Lauren received her Ph.D. from the University of Alabama and has five years of experience teaching courses such as Principles of Marketing and a Business-to-Business class related to the sporting goods industry. Her research focuses on supply chain management from the retailer’s perspective. She won the Stanley Hollander Award for Best Retailing Paper at the Academy of Marketing Science and is co-author of the top retailing textbook. She chose PSU because of the focus on sustainability and the collegiality of faculty. She looks forward to getting to know the students, working with great colleagues, and enjoying the activities and culture of Portland.
Julia Freybote – Real Estate
Originally from Germany, Julia lived in Belgium, Greece, and South Africa before entering her doctoral program at Georgia State University. Her research focuses on the capital structure of real estate investment trusts and behavioral real estate topics. Julia was attracted to PSU by the Center for Real Estate’s unique cooperation between academia and industry and the strong emphasis of PSU on community involvement. She also heard “that Portland is an amazing city!”  She looks forward to helping implement the new Masters of Real Estate Development program, preparing students for a career in the real estate industry, and enjoying the cool (compared to Georgia) weather and culinary flavors of Portland.
Theodore Khoury – Management, Strategy
Theodore received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Dallas and joins us from Oregon State University where he was an Assistant Professor of Management. He will be part of the management strategy team that will be teaching the new undergraduate capstone strategy course. His research explores how various elements like international treaties, legal reforms, political hazards and property rights issues constrain or enable the strategies of entrepreneurial actors. He chose PSU because of its national and international recognition and looks forward to contributing to its future growth. He’s excited about the SBA’s student diversity, research opportunities with colleagues, and being near a vibrant music and visual arts scene.
Piman Limpaphayom – Finance
Piman joins us from Bangkok, Thailand and brings 19 years of teaching experience to the classroom. His teaching areas include investment analysis and portfolio management. His research focuses on issues such as the relation between qualities of corporate governance practices and firm value, the association between risk management and organizational structure, and bankruptcy re-structuring and firm valuation. He is excited to teach a class where students are “actually making investment decisions to manage a sponsored fund,” and looking forward to experiencing Portland’s ‘way of life’, working on collaborative and interdisciplinary research projects with PSU colleagues, and inspiring students to be life-long learners.
Lihong Qian – Management, Strategy
Originally from China, Lihong completed her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She will be one of the faculty members responsible for delivering the new undergraduate capstone strategy course. Her current research builds upon the organizational economics approach to strategy, with a focus on the inter-temporal dimensions of various strategic issues. Lihong was attracted to PSU because of the collegiality among faculty members and Portland’s reputation for environmental conscientiousness. She looks forward to her new role, noting that “as researchers, professors are granted the freedom to think and create new knowledge, and as educators, professors can inspire students and fellow researchers by sharing and transferring knowledge."
Lauren Simon – Management, Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management
Lauren completed her Ph.D. from the University of Florida. She will be teaching the introductory HRM course required for all business students. Lauren has a variety of research interests including the identification of key factors for career success. She chose to join PSU because it has an innovative and inviting culture with a diverse student body. She was also impressed with the “cutting edge research and passion of the faculty members.” Lauren is eager to enjoy the outdoor activities, local restaurants and markets that Portland has to offer. There are two aspects of being a professor that Lauren believes are equally important: creating (through novel research) and spreading (through effective teaching and writing) knowledge that will benefit society.
Shung jae Shin – Management, Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management
Shung jae was born in South Korea and received his Ph.D. in Management from Texas A&M University. Most recently, he was an Associate Professor at Washington State University and has accumulated 10 years of teaching experience covering a variety of courses such as HRM, leadership, and international management. His research focuses on the initial creativity stages of the innovation process at work, leadership and diversity, and the human side of mergers and acquisitions. He was interested in PSU because of the location, colleagues and research support. He looks forward to interacting with the students and supporting the community.
Pete Tashman – Management, Strategy
Pete is joining us from the George Washington University School of Business where he received his Ph.D. He will be one of the faculty members responsible for delivering the new undergraduate capstone strategy course. His research is focused on understanding how socioeconomic and ecological pressures in firms’ business environments influence social and environmental performance. Most recently he has examined these linkages in the ski resort industry. His secondary research interest is exploring how firms profit from social innovation. He chose PSU because of great people, commitment to sustainability, the Portland community and proximity to the Cascade Range. He looks forward to working with students to develop their own strategic plan for success.