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Meet our 2012 Visiting Scholars
Meet our 2012 Visiting Scholars

Fabio Massei – Management, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management

Fabio joins us from Bologna, Italy, where he has a Research Fellowship with the University of Bologna focusing on creativity and innovation in the human resources, assessment and work development field. He received his PhD in Psychology from the University of Bologna with research focused on work and organizational psychology. In addition to research, Fabio works as a consultant and business coach with the Assessment Center Division of Ambrosetti, a top European management consulting company. He was excited to come to Portland State for what he saw as the high level of research and teaching here, and to work with Pamela Tierney on creativity and innovation research.


Bodo Herzog – Finance and Economics

Bodo joins us from the ESB Business School at Reutlingen University in Germany. His broad area of research includes macroeconomics, financial policy and financial economics. His most recent research has focused on the sovereign debt crisis in Europe and the relationship between inflation expectations and the credibility of central banks. Since 2004, Bodo has also been researching the connections between Google search expression data and the stock prices of the companies searched. Bodo chose to come to Portland because of the long and excellent partnership between the SBA and the Business School in Reutlingen as well as the open-minded people and our beautiful ‘European-like’ city. This term, Bodo will be working with Dan Rogers and looks forward to being a guest lecturer in the first-year MBA macroeconomics course.  He looks forward to meeting new faculty in the SBA and to find potential future exchange in teaching and research with Reutlingen.


Hung Seog Hun - Finance

Hun joins us from the Graduate School of Business at Seoul National University in Seoul, South Korea. He brings 16 years of teaching experience in the areas of corporate finance, insurance and risk management. He is currently writing a book about historical views of finance and companies. This is Hun’s second time as a visiting scholar at Portland State University and he is now shifting his research to include mass media and economic contracts, specifically focusing on crowd-sourcing and the concept of “financing as a marketing strategy.” He will be working with Dan Rogers and Piman Limpaphayom. Hun enjoys staying in Portland for the good climate (he loves the rain), the peaceful city, and the warm atmosphere and professors at Portland State University.