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Meet Jenna Simon '14, Completed her Practicum at Wieden + Kennedy
Meet Jenna Simon '14, Completed her Practicum at Wieden + Kennedy


Jenna Simon graduated from PSU’s School of Business Administration in June 2014 with a Bachelors in Business Management. Before graduating Jenna started working at Wieden + Kennedy (W+K), Portland’s premier and world-reknowned advertising agency with an office in the Pearl District. We have shared many student internship experiences, but Jenna’s story is a bit unique. Since Jenna was already employed at W+K, she completed a practicum through the 409 Online Internship Course, which is available to students wanting to earn credit while employed at their profession.

Tell us about your role at W+K, and how long have you worked there?

I am currently working in the Creative Technology department as the Coordinator. I act as the assistant to the department heads as well as the planner for any and all activities that we do. I also help to manage the department budgets alongside the Resource Manager, and I am currently helping with the re-design of our department space which entails working closely with the interior design company and the W+K Building Manager.

What led you to do a practicum?

I needed a few credits that were outside of my major at the 300-400 level and this is what my advisor recommended that I do!

What were your goals for this practicum, and in what ways do you feel this experience has enhanced your skills for the future?

The practicum led me to really think critically about my career goals and helped me to focus my energy on the areas that needed improvement. The three goals that I set for myself were:

  1. Develop stronger leadership skills
  2. Using weekly reelections to be a better employee
  3. Enhance innovative thinking to improve processes within my department

I think that these goals have already helped me to be a better leader in my group. I noticed that I am able to handle more projects with ease! Also, the weekly reflection [an assignment that was part of the curriculum for the 409 online internship course] were a great way for me to realize the areas that I am struggling in and what I am doing well at. This is also a useful tool for annual reviews as now I have tracked my progress for the last few months!

Being able to show applied work experience coming out of school is a great way to stand out to a potential employer. What advice would you give other students considering an internship or practicum?

It’s not just about getting an internship somewhere (don’t think that you have a secure job simply because you landed an internship), you need to work harder then you ever have in your life and prove yourself. I know that at W+K we hire a lot of the interns; however, these people come to work early and they leave late, they put 150% in every single day and they NEVER say the words “that is out of my job description, or I was never told that would be a part of this internship.”

How has your work in your major helped prepare you for your practicum?

Many of the concepts that I have learned throughout my time at PSU have been very helpful for me at work—when you have real world work experience alongside learning it helps to solidify whatever it is that you are learning. Before working as the Creative Tech Coordinator I was in the finance department for 3 years and it was so helpful to have my classes in conjunction with work. Iif I ever had questions about things at work I could often times go to my professors and talk with them about it!


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