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Meet Becky Sanchez, Director of Undergraduate Business Programs
Meet Becky Sanchez, Director of Undergraduate Business Programs

As a graduate of PSU's School of Business, Becky has navigated the same waters and understands the student experience well. Becky directs undergraduate business programs and also advises students. Here's a little bit more about Becky...

What brought you to PSU and how long have you been a SB advisor?

I grew up in Portland and hung around the PSU campus as a child (my father works here as well) and I loved it. When I was ready for college I knew that PSU was a great school and it felt like home to me already. I have been an SB advisor since 2005.

Where did you attend college and what did you study?

I completed my Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Management and my Master's degree is Counseling, both from PSU.

What's your favorite thing about PSU's School of Business?

My two favorite things are the professors and the students. We really have some great professors who truly care about their students and are passionate about what they teach. The students are great because they are so driven, motivated and inspirational. Some of them are managing so many things in life outside of school while at the same time doing well in classes, participating in student groups and getting prepared for their next steps after they complete their degrees.

What’s your best advice for students to make the most of their SB student experience?

Network, seek out available opportunities -- including informational interviews, job shadows, student groups, tutoring -- get to know your professors, and register on your registration day!

What should students expect in an advising appointment and how should they prepare?

During an appointment we will cover anything a student wants to discuss, so an appointment can look very different from one student to another. Generally speaking, we will discuss the different options for majors, general education requirements and how to read the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS). We help students plan out their classes for graduation and discuss other available resources to them, such as tutoring, the career center and more. To prepare for an appointment, a student should look over his or her DARS so it is familiar to them and write down all the questions they want answered.

What do you like to do when you’re not advising students?

When I'm not advising I like to spend time with family, hiking and biking.


Make an appointment with your academic advisor at least once every other term. You will need to reserve a time a few weeks in advance. Be sure you are on track to graduate and learn about academic opportunities you may not have considered. Students who meet regularly with advisors are more likely to graduate on time and avoid problems with course availability.

Stop by the Undergraduate Programs Office at Room 240 or call 503-725-3712 to make an appointment.

Do you just have one or two specific questions about your course plans? Click here to learn about express advising.