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Meet Alex Garfias, Career & Academic Advisor
Meet Alex Garfias, Career & Academic Advisor

What brought you to PSU and how long have you been advising?
After graduating from Portland State University, I worked in research organizations, which impacted adults in the workplace and students in higher education. What brought me back to PSU were these experiences, as they became a catalyst to my goals of advocating for student success. Prior to graduating, I volunteered as a peer advisor in the Psychology Department for two years and since then I have wanted to return to advising.

Where did you attend college and what did you study?
I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Portland State University.

What’s your favorite thing about PSU’s School of Business?
My favorite thing about The School of Business has to be its drive towards inclusivity and their passion for making professionals. 

What’s your best advice for students to make the most of their SBA student experience?
Having taken several business courses in the School of Business, the best advice I received from a former professor was to always say, “Yes!” to new opportunities. My advice is the same, when opportunities arise say, “Yes,” because you never know where those opportunities will lead you to. These opportunities can include joining a club, being a TA for a professor, or spending time with a classmate outside of class. 

What should student expect in an advising appointment and how should they prepare?
In our advising appointments students will always lead the conversation. I want students to feel comfortable and feel like they are in a place where they feel advocated for as they continue to pursue their goals. Those conversations can revolve around course planning, internships, venting about the term, and life.  

What do you like to do when you’re not advising students?
During my free time I enjoy going to see movies, binge-watching Netflix, going to the gym, and spending time with my puppy Luna.