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Dr. Theresa McCormick
Dr. Theresa McCormick

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Ph.D. | Queen's University, Kingston Ontario, 2008

Postdoctoral Fellow | NSERC, University of Rochester, 2009-2010

Postdoctoral Fellow | University of Toronto, 2011-2013


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Research Interests

Research in the McCormick Group develops novel metal-containing donor-acceptor type materials to increase understanding in the area of photo-induced charge transfer processes. Projects focus on the synthesis of new classes of compounds directed towards applications in photocatalysis, organic photovoltaics, and chiral recognition. Our approach is to use computations to calculate the expected properties of the target molecules so that synthetic efforts can focus on the most promising molecules.  The new compounds are characterized and studied to achieve a greater understanding of how metal centers influence photoactive systems.  Students in my group will gain a foundation in organic synthesis and coordination chemistry as well as training in application directed characterization techniques.