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Alumni Profile: Lori Hensel
Alumni Profile: Lori Hensel

Name: Lori Hensel

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

PSU Major: Business – Finance class. “I loved accounting, but one of my favorite professors told me, ‘Lori, accounting is more about keeping score. You strike me as a playing the game kind of girl.’ So I switched to finance, and I love it.”

Graduation Class: 2004

Professional background: US Army Tactical Satellite Operator, MBA, B2B Sales guru.

Current Position: Director of Recruitment – Broad River

Alumni Association Involvement: Board Member, Career and Professional Development sub-committee

How did you get involved with the Board? “I hadn’t been involved with PSU for 5 years. Until a fellow board member recommended that I get involved. Personally, I was seeking professional growth and a community.”

What does the association provide alumni? “Alumni care about professional development and growth, we have some amazing alums in really great leadership positions in Portland. Connection is important, not just people, but companies.”

On PSU: “When I came to PSU, I was not a traditional student. I was a mother in my 30’s. I worked the majority of the time while I was in school. My daughter jokes that she is a PSU alum too, because she was always at PSU with me in the daycare center.”