Norman Bodek

Adjunct Faculty

Phone:  360-737-1883
Fax:      360-737-1940


Norman Bodek’s course is The Best Of Japanese Management Practices.  He runs PCS Inc. – PCS Press, started Productivity Inc. – Press in 1979; published 250 management books with 100 translations from Japan and recently has authored five books. He has been to Japan 75 times, visited over 250 manufacturing plants, and discovered for the West most of the Lean/TPS/JIT tools and techniques: SMED, TPM, Hoshin, 5S, visual factory, TPS, CEDAC, quality control circles, VSM, Kaizen Blitz, cell design, Poka-yoke, lean accounting, Andon, Kanban, and Quick and Easy Kaizen.  He is the recipient of the Shingo Prize and often called the “Godfather of Lean.”  He has keynoted numerous management conferences throughout America, Asia and Europe.

His written books are: How to Do Kaizen and The Idea Generator co-authored with Bunji Tozawa, Kaikaku the Power and Magic of Lean, Rebirth of American Industry co-authored with Bill Waddell, and All You Gotta Do Is Ask co-authored with Chuck Yorke.