School of Business Students Win Boeing’s Annual Supply Chain Competition
Author: Melinda Crouchley
Posted: January 8, 2018

For the past five years, the Portland State University School of Business has sent undergraduate students to compete in the annual Boeing Business Case Competition in Seattle, Washington. Last year, the Apollo team nearly tasted victory when it took second place. This year in November 2017, The School of Business Apollo team brought home the first place title. 

“Boeing has only been conducting the competition in the NW region for the last five years. This year, PSU went up against strong contenders from area schools such as University of Washington, Western Washington, and Central Washington. But we had a strong determination to win this year after coming so close to first place last year,” said Daniel Wong, Undergraduate Supply and Logistics Management Director. 

SLM Boeing Competition
Competition is Fierce
The business case competition is focused on solving Boeing’s supply chain management challenges. The case is written in such a way that the students have to read, research, and apply what they learned during their college courses to solve the case. 

Participation is only open to undergraduate school of business students. Each school is allowed eight teams in the initial round and the local Boeing managers pick the best team to compete in the final round. 

As a winning team, the students are guaranteed an interview for either an internship or entry-level position at Boeing. So far, two of the students have been offered internships.

“This team diligently applied the supply chain management frameworks they learned in class to analyze and solve the Boeing case. These type of continuous-learning opportunities outside of the classroom are the commitment that employers are looking for in their future employees,” said Wong. 

Boeing’s Partnership with Portland State
Boeing is a major sponsor of the supply chain management programs at Portland State University for both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The School of Business is a focused supply chain school for Boeing, which means the programs meet their rigorous standards and there are only 13 other schools that belong in this category in the nation. 

Portland State University is one of only nineteen schools where Boeing conducts annual recruiting for supply chain internships. 

Learn more about the Supply and Logistics Management program at Portland State University. 

**Photo caption: Front row from left to right;  Daphne Nguyen, Erin Harmon, and Vishwa Patel
Back row from left to right;  Jon Haralson (Boeing Sr. Manager), Will Clark, and Andrew Vignolle