CEE's EERI Student Shakes Up the Competition at the Seismic Design Competition
Author: Civil Engineering
Posted: October 19, 2018

EERI Team PhotoThe final scores for the EERI Seismic Design Competition have been announced and PSU ranked 19th among 40 national and international universities. This ranking is based on the overall score (Annual Building Income) which is calculated from: (1) their balsa-wood building performance under 3 simulated earthquakes on a shake table (Annual Seismic Cost), (2) predicting this performance before the competition using computer modeling (Analysis Prediction), (3) poster and podium presentations during the competition (Communication), and (4) architecture and design including the rentable floor plan if this was an actual commercial building. The PSU team did great in Annual Seismic Cost (3rd place) and Analysis Prediction (7th place). Their overall ranking of 19th out of 40 is improved over last year's 27 out of 33.

Congratulations to our team members for a great performance and for representing PSU. I am adding people who are in the picture who traveled to Los Angeles in June 2018 for the competition, but there were other students who helped the team along the way but weren't able to travel. Team members in the picture from right to left are: Mario Yescas, Kimberly Williams, Joy Sherman-Lewis, Tsun-Ming Jonathon Sze, Melissa Preciado, and Juan Barajas.