Apply for Graduation

In order to graduate from Portland State University with a degree in business, you must first apply to graduate. Applying to graduate spins into motion an in-depth degree audit of the courses you have taken (or are taking) to ensure that you do in fact meet the requirements necessary for getting your degree. The steps for applying are as follows:

Step One: Apply

Students who are admitted to the undergraduate School of Business who plan on graduating after TWO more quarters must fill out an application for a degree with the Office of Degree Requirements. Quarterly degree application deadlines are published in the Schedule of Classes. Applications received after the deadline will need to follow additional steps.

Step Two: The Degree Audit

For undergraduate students, general university requirements are checked by the Office of Degree Requirements, and business requirements are checked by your advisor in the School of Business.

Step Three: Finishing the Requirements

Once the student receives the Degree Audit Checklist, he/she is encouraged to set up an appointment with his/her advisor to go over the checklist. Students bear final responsibility for ensuring that the courses taken are applicable towards satisfying their degree requirements. They are also responsible for informing Degree Requirements of any change of address while a degree candidate.

Step Four: Getting the Degree

All University academic requirements must be satisfied before any degree will be conferred and all financial obligations must be met before any diploma will be released. Commencement day is in June, a summer commencement is held in August, and degrees can be issued each quarter.

Step Five: Register for Commencement

​Registration for commencement is connected with submitting your application to graduate. When you submit the online application you will indicate if you want to participate at commencement and if you would like your name printed in the program when you submit your application to graduate. Visit the commencement website for all details related to the commencement ceremony.