EXCEL | School of Business Dual Credit Program

More colleges are challenging high school students to experience college level coursework in their own environment before enrolling in college, and we see this program as offering benefits that set us apart from others that earn college credit. This program is currently offered to Lincoln High School students. If you would like your high school to participate in this program, please contact Erica Wagner at 503-725-8141 or elwagner@pdx.edu.

Download the Student/Parent Handbook (PDF) for more information.

Courses Offered

  • BA 101 Introduction to Business and World Affairs
    Introduction to the business firm operating in the local, national, and global marketplace. Course emphasizes the integration of the various functional areas of business as the firm evolves from a start-up to a mature corporation. 4 Credits.
  • Fin 218 Personal Finance
    A survey of investments, budgets, real estate ownership, financial institutions, consumers' credit, social security, stock market, mutual funds, and estate planning from the individual's point of view. 4 Credits.


  • We build a community of faculty and instructors that is the foundation of the program. It provides a venue for support and shared information that reinforces the connection between the campus and the classroom.
  • We encourage and support class visits to campus to help familiarize students with Oregon’s largest university and to use student resources such as our library online databases and computer accounts as well as attend special School of Business programming with faculty and staff.
  • Our instructors have the academic freedom to determine how to meet PSU standards and are not restricted by having to focus on teaching to a high-stakes final exam; nor are our students sidelined by weeks of test preparation.
  • We strive for both an academic and cultural college experience and hold our students to college-level expectations, smoothing the transition to college.
  • PSU has the only Oregon concurrent enrollment program that is accredited both by the State and the country. This School of Business pilot is modelled after the University’s Challenge program which has been featured twice in the US World & News Report special issue on colleges.

Student Eligibility

Participation in EXCEL is limited to students recommended by their counselors and teachers. It is important that members of the counseling department be thoroughly familiar with the requirements, objectives, and design of each course and that they work closely with teachers in advising prospective students to register for courses offered through EXCEL.


The program fee for the 2014-15 Academic Year is $197 per 4-credit class. The fee is nonrefundable and must be collected with the registration form. Checks can be made payable to Portland State University.

Students eligible for the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program are entitled to a discounted fee if they attach a copy of their eligibility letter to their registration. The discounted rate is $50 per 4-credit class.

Registration Process

  1. Register and pay for your classes at the beginning of fall term through your high school instructor who has all the required materials, including a parent letter and a custom registration form. You must fill out these forms completely, have a parent sign the back, attach any applicable documentation, and return everything, including the check for payment, to the instructor, by the deadline.
  2. The instructor collects all registration materials and payment and packages this for pick-up by EXCEL program staff.
  3. Program staff verifies that registrations are complete. You will then be admitted as a part-time PSU student and registered in your courses. At this point, you are recorded in our PSU system.
  4. Once registered, you will receive a PSU ID card in the mail. It looks like a credit card but will only be valid as an ID card if it isn’t activated. For parents uncomfortable with their student having this card, you can destroy it but make sure you record the 9-digit PSU number somewhere (e.g., on the cover of this handbook) as this is important for future registrations, checking student records, and ordering transcripts.

Setting up a PSU ODIN (email) Account

Accessing computer resources at PSU, including the PSU Information System for academic records, transcripts, etc., the classroom learning management system, use of the campus computer labs, off campus ac-cess to library databases, and many other services at PSU, requires an ODIN (email) account. Some of our classrooms use ODIN accounts for assignments and library research. For these classrooms we assist in setting up student accounts. But all PSU students are entitled to these services and we encourage you to set up an account. Here’s how:

  • Call the PSU HELP Desk at 503.725. HELP (4357) and let them know you want to set up your ODIN account. You will need to give them your PSU ID number. They’ll give you a temporary pass-word to be able to log into the system.
  • Go to OAM.pdx.edu
  • Follow the on screen step-by-step instructions. You will be assigned an ODIN username and will set your own password. Your account may take up to 24 hours to synchronize to all systems.
  • Be sure to WRITE DOWN YOUR user name and password and keep them handy.

NOTE: If you do not frequently access the PSU Information System or have forgot-ten your password, you will need to call the PSU Help Desk and ask them to reset it. Have your PSU ID number ready to give them.