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FWC Game of Life - Info. Session for Participating Departments / Offices
Monday, March 27, 2017 - 1:00pm
FWC Game of Life - Info. Session for Participating Departments / Offices

Join the Financial Wellness Center and Student Financial Services as we work together to make plans and arrangements for our event on 4/20, the Game of Life! 

When: Monday, March 27th from 1-2 pm
Where: Neuberger Hall, Room 131 - Conference Room (Please see an SFS window attendant for admittance.) 

The FWC is working with multiple Departments and Offices at PSU to help make this event a success. Each partner will be charged with manning a finance-themed booth in our life-sized Game of Life that pertains to their area of expertise. At that booth, students participating in the game will be presented with some kind of challenge or choice that influences their financial status in the game. The purpose of the Game of Life event is to give students a peek at the types of financial situations they may face once they leave college, highlighting considerations that they may not foresee and educating them about the resources that may be available to them. 

Come talk to the FWC about what your participating Department or Office is interested in doing with your booth! Fun, creative ideas are a must and we know you'll bring them. We'll outline the game's expectations, and you let your insights and suggestions loose in this planning and information session. 

Let the (financial) games begin!