Design Management Minor for Advertising Management Majors

This minor is specifically designed for students in advertising management, marketing, and other non-design majors who aspire to work in the creative communications industry. The course work teaches non-design students the skills needed to work effectively with graphic designers and art directors on creative teams. These skills include design appreciation, design tools, design principles and vocabulary, design software, and hands-on experience in design process, strategy, and creation. The culmination of this minor is a two-class sequence that focuses on solving design problems in a collaborative team environment.

Design Management Minor course planning and pre-requisites

To earn a Minor in Design Management, students must complete the following 28 hours of course work. Studio courses must be taken in order (see below).

ART 100 Intro to Communication Design for Non-Art Majors 4 F, S
ART 120 Computer Graphics for Art and Design 4 F, S
ART 200 Digital Page Design 4 F, W, S
ART 224 Communication Design I 4 F, W
ARH 290 History of Modern Design 4 F, S
ART 367 Design Business Practices I 4 S

SEQUENCE OF COURSES Fall 2019 Catalog:

Term 1: ART 100
Term 2: ART 120 (pre-req ART 100)
Term 3: ART 200 (pre-req ART 120), ART 224 (pre-req ART 120)
200 level studio courses must be completed before taking 300-level
Term 4: ART 367

Can be taken at any time that fits best: ARH 290 (no pre-req is required)
Registering for Courses (after ART 100)

Some Design Management courses are listed as for majors only and require pre-reqs. Contact Lis Charman at with questions regarding registration. Please keep in mind that classes often fill up quickly. If a course is not available other options may be made available.

Advisor: Lis Charman

Phone: 503.725.3515


Requirements for Design Management Minor*
All students interested in pursuing this Design Management Minor must meet with the advisor listed above before starting the program.

*Note: This minor is not available to graphic design majors.