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PSU Bulletin, Course Information & Prerequisites

Prior to each academic year (Fall through Summer quarters), Portland State University produces the PSU Bulletin, a catalog of general university requirements, program and course descriptions, prerequisites and other such information. It is important that students choose the correct PSU Bulletin to follow for graduation. View PSU Bulletin.

Choosing a Bulletin Year

It is important that students choose the correct PSU Bulletin to follow for graduation. To do this they will need to know two basic rules:

  1. No Bulletin is good for more than seven academic years. For example, the 1995-96 Bulletin expires at the end of summer term 2002. If a student is not graduated by the end of the summer term when the Bulletin expires, he/she will be required to meet the requirements of the 1996-97 or later Bulletins.

  2. Students may always choose to graduate under a later Bulletin than the one in force when they first attended an accredited U.S. institution of higher education (after high school graduation). For example, if they entered PSU or some other accredited institution of higher education as a freshman in fall 1995, they may graduate according to the 95/96 requirements or choose to be graduated under 1996/97 or later Bulletins.

These rules apply to a first bachelor's degree, second bachelor's degree, and to certificates which may be earned by undergraduates and by post-baccalaureates. The Office of Degree Requirements makes the formal determination of the catalog under which a student is graduated at the time the student files an Application for the Degree.

Course Planning Guide

The Course Planning Guide is a tool provided to assist you in projecting which courses will be available and help plan your academic careers. Visit the Course Planning Guide.