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Choosing a Program

As a School of Business student, you have a number of options for studying abroad or for seeking an international experience.

Some of the potential factors to consider include the following:

  • Length of study
    What is the right length of time you would like to travel? A few weeks? A semester? A year? 
  • Region
    Where would you like to study and gain experience? Do you want to be in a developed country or developing country? 
  • Topic focus & type of program
    Do you want to gain particular knowledge while you are abroad? Would you like to do an internship? Would you prefer to be predominantly interacting with host country nationals or fellow students from the United States?
  •  Language requirements
    Would you like to enhance your language skills as a part of your program or are you looking for a program for no language requirements?  
  • Academic fit
    Is matching up credits with your required courses incredibly important to you? Or are you willing to expand your course of study for this experience?
  • Your goals
    What are you hoping to gain through this experience? Will the programs you are considering provide this?

Once you have some general answers to these questions you can begin your search through a number of routes. Here are a few:

  1. Use the Office of International Affairs Education Abroad website to explore PSU approved programs. You can search by region, country, duration, major, or program provider.
  2. Attend one of the Office of International Affairs’ open advising times during Tuesdays, Wednesday & Fridays and/or their Fall Study Abroad 101 Info Session. You can check on these times on their Education Abroad webpage here.
  3. Speak with your School of Business Advisor. They will have the latest information on upcoming opportunities endorsed by the SBA.
  4. Speak with an Office of International Affairs advisor. They have incredible knowledge about their regions of expertise and can discuss the opportunities available to you
  5. Check out our SBA featured international opportunities!
  6. Keep an eye out on the Friday blasts for additional announcements about opportunities.

Visit the Office of International Affairs website for complete information about studying abroad at PSU.