Business Intelligence and Analytics Certificate

The Future of Business Combines Big Data with Intuition

Looking for the next big challenge in your career? Building a team with exceptional analytics? Enhance your career with Portland State University’s certificate in Business Intelligence and Analytics. Designed for technical professionals, this 21-credit, part-time, standalone graduate certificate will prepare you to lead informed business strategies by collecting, analyzing, storing, and interpreting large-scale data in positions such as systems analysts - applications, market research analysts, business intelligence analysts, marketing specialists, data analysts, risk managers.

Add communication and business analytical skills to your technical background, a highly sought after skill set in our rapidly growing digital economy.

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Data Analytics Jobs in Rising Demand

Glassdoor ranked data scientist and analytics manager no. 1 and no. 11 in their "25 Best Jobs in America for 2016" listing. 

Top three companies in the region with increase in data-analytics job openings from 2010 to 2014:

  • Amazon: 98% (4,641 jobs)
  • United Health Group: 248% (4,290 jobs)
  • Microsoft: 21% (2,604 jobs)

Business Intelligence and Analytics Certificate Courses

Taught by engineering, system science, math, and business professors, giving you the best of the best instruction in each area.

  • Operations Research Management Science (4 credits) | ETM 540
  • Regression Analysis (3 credits) | STAT 564
  • Data Mining with Information Theory (4 credits) | SySc 531
  • Decision Support Systems: Data Warehousing (4 credits) | ETM 538
  • Intro to Business Intelligence and Analytics (4 credits) | ISQA 520
  • Analytics Communications and Management (2 credits) | ISQA 521



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