Bachelor's Degree in Business: Marketing

Acquire big-picture vision—and big opportunities—in our marketing program.

Marketing is all about value creation, delivery, and capture—and few marketing degrees are better connected than Portland State University. Our marketing program is housed within a nationally ranked business school and plugged into Portland’s world-class marketing and retail community, giving you a 360-degree perspective on marketing trends, tools, and strategies. You’ll learn from an internationally renowned marketing faculty and industry pros and get hands-on workplace experience, earning a marketing degree that integrates creativity with data fluency, analytical skills, and overall business acumen. Because it’s so broad, PSU’s marketing degree prepares you for a wide range of marketing careers in diverse settings, from businesses to nonprofits and the government sector. And our marketing degree helps you gain the big-picture vision to play strategic roles and advance into leadership positions. 

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Marketing Degree: Why PSU?

  • Exceptional industry connections. Because of PSU’s strong relationships within Portland’s marketing and retail industries, you’ll have extraordinary opportunities to showcase your talent, develop your portfolio and build professional connections. You might work as an intern at an iconic corporation like Nike or Whole Foods, get industry feedback for an in-class marketing project, or launch your own venture through PSU’s Center for Retail Leadership.
  • Superior faculty. Our marketing degree is led by a faculty who connect cutting edge marketing theory with the latest in effective marketing practice. They offer knowledge and savvy that goes way beyond the textbook, providing career guidance and professional mentorship.
  • Strategic focus. At PSU you’ll learn how marketing fits within a broader business context. Our marketing degree equips you to understand how marketing interacts with finance, information technology, supply and logistics, and other core parts of the enterprise. You’ll also gain a global perspective that helps you understand broad economic trends.
  • Flexibility and customization. You can tailor PSU’s marketing degree to fit your own interests, talents, and career goals. Some marketing majors specialize in particular industries (athletic and outdoor or food, beverage, and packaged goods), while others focus their studies on digital media, nonprofits, international marketing, sales, consumer research or other niches. 
  • Emphasis on innovation. New technologies and communication media are constantly changing the way marketers do business. We consistently update our marketing degree to reflect the most current, up-to-date trends. You’ll learn the same concepts and practices that are used in today’s marketing industry, so you’ll stand out in the job market and be prepared to contribute immediately when you enter the workforce.

Marketing Degree Highlights

What Can I Do With a Marketing Degree?

You can find marketing job opportunities with all kinds of organizations, from corporations to nonprofits, government agencies, consulting firms, and startup ventures. PSU’s rich, diverse marketing degree prepares you for any type of marketing career and lets you explore the full spectrum of possibilities, including:

  • Account management
  • Category management
  • Marketing analytics
  • Product/service management
  • Digital marketing
  • Web design
  • Market research
  • Public relations
  • Professional selling
  • User experience design
  • Social media management
  • Event management
  • Media buying

Marketing Degree Curriculum

Some marketers work at a broad strategic level, while others focus on designing and executing specific tactics. PSU’s marketing degree equips you to do both. More important, you’ll learn to collaborate effectively with marketing teammates, and with colleagues in other parts of the organization. You can customize our marketing degree to fit your own interest, but all marketing majors develop strong writing, communication, research, and critical reasoning skills. 

Course subjects in the marketing degree include:

  • Consumer behavior
  • Marketing research
  • Retailing
  • Marketing strategy and management
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media
  • International marketing
  • Sales management
  • Advertising management
Download the Marketing Course Sequence Sheet (PDF) for additional information on prerequisites, a suggested sequence, course schedule, and more. Visit Degree Requirements for detailed requirements for your entire degree.