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Preparing for the Future of Marketing

The Marketing Industry

From non-profit organizations to retail powerhouses to tech start-ups, marketing is a pervasive and central component to running a successful organization. The modern marketing landscape across all industries is shifting. Increasingly, businesses rely on creative and analytical marketers to inform growth trajectories, understand the marketplace, bring in target audience perspectives, and measure key performance indicators. Portland State University's School of Business Marketing Program is designed to give students a comprehensive approach to modern marketing, teaching students to combine intuition with data. Innovative, intuitive, and data-driven marketing professionals are in high demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of market research analysts and marketing specialists is projected to increase by 41.2% between 2010 – 2020. Digital media has seen a growth rate of 129% since 2010.

Glassdoor ranks Marketing Manager and Product Marketing Manager as no. 13 and no. 14 in its "Best Jobs in America for 2016" listing.

The Marketing Program

The marketing concentration within the business major is one of the most popular programs at PSU. The program aims to provide students with expertise in marketing management, marketing communications, and international marketing, with an emphasis on consumer packaged goods, retail, and technology & innovation.

The marketing program is highly customizable. Marketing students are often also interested in advertising. While the marketing program focuses on strategic product innovation and creating brand value, the advertising program focuses specifically on the messaging and communication of this value to targeted personas and consumer demographics. As marketing plays a larger role in guiding business development, having an accounting and finance understanding is also essential. Our faculty and professional academic and career advisors can help you customize your business degree so you’ll be equipped to walk into any organization and clearly demonstrate your value.

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The Marketing Curriculum

While some marketers are doers, others focus on the strategy. At PSU we cater to both and put emphasis on the importance of collaboration. You’ll gain the skills to research, analyze, strategize, and execute a successful marketing plan from start to finish.

Option Requirements (28 required credits out of 82 credits required in Business):

  • Consumer Behavior and Customer Satisfaction (4 credits) 
  • Marketing Research (4 credits)
  • Marketing Strategy and Management (4 credits)
  • MKTG Electives (16 credits) 

Students are encouraged to complete 8 of their 16 electives credits from one of the specialized tracks or they may choose 16 credits of marketing electives - 8 credits must be at the 400 level; the other 8 can be at the 300 or 400 level

Electives Specific to the Food Industry Leadership Certificate A:

  • MKTG 375 - Retailing (4)
  • MKTG 435 - Consumer Package Goods Marketing (4)
  • MKTG 409 - Food Industry Practicum (Internship) (4)

Electives Specific to the Athletic and Outdoor (A&O) Certificate B:

  • MKTG 436 - Competitive Dynamics in the Athletic and Outdoor Industry (4)
  • MKTG 437 - Channel Management in the Athletic and Outdoor Industry (4)

Available Marketing Electives:

  • MKTG 448 - Digital Marketing (4)
  • MKTG 376 - International Business and Trade Practices (4)
  • MKTG 466 - International Marketing (4)
  • MKTG 338 - Professional Selling (4)
  • MKTG 467 - Sales Management (4)

A, B These electives can be applied toward either the FILC or the A&O Certificate

Download the Marketing Course Sequence Sheet (PDF) for additional information on prerequisites, a suggested sequence, course schedule, and more. Visit Degree Requirements for detailed requirements for your entire degree.

Related Programs

Marketing Faculty and Community

Some of the fastest growing and best agencies in the world are based in Portland. From creative agencies to digital marketing agencies, to athletic and outdoor brands or product developers, we’ll connect you to the pioneers of the industry. PSU’s Marketing faculty has strong ties with Portland's tight-knit marketing community. We offer internships and partnership opportunities with innovative marketing agencies and retail giants. Professional networking opportunities, best-in-class faculty, and real-world work experience during our program will provide you with the skills you need to launch your career. Partner companies involved with PSU’s Marketing Program include Koopman Ostbo Marketing Communications, Pepsi-Cola, Nike, Columbia, adidas, Bob’s Red Mill and Whole Foods. Whatever your vision, connect with brands that see eye-to-eye with your enthusiasm, passion, and motivation. 

American Marketing Association - Student Chapter at Portland State University School of Business in Oregon PSU marketing students also have access to an award winning student chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA). Joining PSU's AMA provides hands-on marketing experience and networking opportunities for aspiring marketing professionals.  AMA is the single largest network of marketing professionals and collegians in the US with more than 40,000 members nationwide. 

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