Four Year Degree Guarantee (4YDG)

PSU promises that full-time freshmen who sign an agreement will get the support and courses necessary to graduate in four years or PSU will not charge them tuition for any remaining required courses. Students pay for only four years, guaranteed.

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Requirements for Business Participants

 Students studying business who want to participate in the four year degree guarantee will need to place into STAT 243 for fall term via the math placement exam and follow the degree map for their intended major.

Beginning the 4YDG Program

Students participating in the 4YDG are encouraged to attend an early orientation to assure that they have many course options for registration. Students must be flexible with their preferred course schedule to participate in the 4YDG.

Registration as a 4YDG Participant

 If you are a 4YDG business school participant, it is imperative that you register first thing in the morning (8 a.m.) on your registration date.

If you are unable to get into a required course for your degree plan you must submit a Notification of Unavailable Course online via within 24 hours of your registration day.