RFP Introductory Track

RFP Introductory Track

The RFP Introductory Track is designed for students with little or no prior training in Russian. In order to be admitted to the program, students must demonstrate academic potential and an aptitude for foreign language learning (see Application).

Year 1. During the first year of the RFP Introductory Track students take “Beginning Flagship Russian” (6 credits per term). In this team-taught class, students receive an introduction to the Russian language. Instruction in grammar and phonetics is in English, but the remainder of the class is conducted in Russian. All Flagship students also take “Introduction to Flagship Studies” (1 credit per term) during their first year in the program.

Summer 1. Third-Year Russian (12 credits)

Year 2. During their second year in the program, Introductory Track students join Advanced Track students in “Advanced Russian” and Flagship Level I “Globalization.”

Summer 2. Introductory Track students study in a Flagship-approved program in Russia.

Year 3. Continuing students take Flagship Level II “American Studies,” “European Studies,” and “Environmental Studies” and Flagship Level III “Russian in the Major.”

Summer 3. Students have the option of taking content course.

Year 4. Students will spend the fourth year of the program at a Russian Overseas Flagship Center. During this time they will continue taking advanced Russian classes. In addition, they will take courses in their majors at the university, and they will complete an internship, which will become the basis of the PSU Senior Capstone (see General Education).

Sample Introductory Track