RFP Advanced Track

RFP Advanced Track

In order to be admitted to the RFP Advanced Track students must be able to read, write, and speak Russian well enough to participate in discussion of academic subjects of general interest. The Flagship program includes students from Russian-speaking backgrounds as well as students who have learned Russian in a variety of academic and non-academic settings (see Application). Advanced Track students are required to take a series of Russian across the curriculum classes aligned with the PSU general education requirements. Additional Russian classes may be recommended based on the student’s level of proficiency, and additional Russian classes are required to complete the Certificate of Advanced Proficiency in Russian.

Year 1. During the first year of the program Advanced Track students take the University Studies Freshman Inquiry course “Globalization”. In addition, they take a two-credit “mirror” course conducted  in Russian. Students work with conversation partners who provide individualized practice. All Flagship students also take “Introduction to Flagship Studies” (1 credit per term) during their first year in the program.

Summer 1. Advanced Track students who have no prior experience studying in Russian are required to participate in a Flagship-approved study abroad program. Others are encouraged either to participate in a study abroad program or to take one of the content courses conducted in Russian.

Year 2.  Students take three required Sophomore Inquiry courses: “American Studies,” “Global Perspectives: Europe,” and “Environmental Sustainability.” In addition, they take two-credit “mirror” courses conducted conducted in Russian that treat the general topics of the parent classes using Russian instructional materials. Students work with onversation partners who provide individualized practice for each student.

Summer 2.  Students are encouraged either to participate in a study abroad program or to take one of the content courses conducted in Russian.

Year 3. Students take three Upper Division Cluster courses related to Russia. In addition, they take “Russian in the Major,” a series of classes that provides students with an opportunity to develop a professional vocabulary and to become familiar with conventions of discourse in their chosen field.

Summer 3. Flagship students are strongly encouraged to continue developing their abilities in Russian by taking additional content classes conducted in Russian.

Year 4. Students will spend the fourth year of the program at a Russian Overseas Flagship Center. During this time they will continue taking advanced Russian classes provided by the faculty of St. Petersburg State University. In addition, they will take courses in their majors at the university, and they will complete an internship, which will become the basis of the required PSU Senior Capstone (see General Education).

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