“I never expected to start learning Russian. That simple decision has carried me around the world and back again, and I have met hundreds upon hundreds of fascinating people as a result. It’s made me a smarter citizen of the world and a smarter American, and I expect to be able to use it in a career someday.” Alumnus, Jake Parsley

"Completing the Domestic Flagship Program is surely a challenge, but an achievable one. The excellent quality of instructors, tutors, and fellow students in this program provide me with all the resources that I need for success. Having the support and structure to truly hone my language skills makes this program extremely rewarding on both a personal and professional level." Alumnus, Forrest Holden

 “My participation in the Russian Overseas Flagship Program is providing me with an amazing opportunity for career advancement… As a result of this great connection, I will gain international experience in the music industry that will make me a very competitive job applicant at a major international record label.” Alumnus, Todd Long