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Jake Parsley Fall 2012

Saint Petersburg is built on what was originally more than 100 islands created by a maze of rivers, creeks, canals, gulfs, lakes and ponds and other bodies of water that flow into the Baltic Sea at the mouth of the Neva River.

Pictured here with Flagship student, Jake Parsley, is Griboyedov Canal or Kanal Griboyedova (Russian: кана́л Грибое́дова). Constructed in 1739 on the river Krivusha and named Catherine Canal after the empress Catherine the Great, it would be renamed in 1923 by the Communist authorities after the Russian playwright and diplomat Alexander Griboyedov.

Griboyedov Canal starts at the Moyka River near the Field of Mars and flows into the Fontanka River. Its length is 5 km, with a width of 32 m.

Initially, there were only ten bridges or so constructed in Saint Petersburg, mainly across ditches and minor creeks. Today, there are more than 342 bridges over canals like Griboyedov and numerous more covering ponds and streams in public parks and gardens

Thanks to these intricate web of canals, St. Petersburg is often called the "Venice of the North" which is a popular poetic name for the northern capital.

SOURCE: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia