Forms & Handouts

Below are our most current forms and informational handouts.
Reporting a Loss

For community members, including students, to report a loss please refer to the following handout:

Reporting A Loss Handout

For Staff or Faculty members to report a loss, please refer to the following form:

Internal Loss Handout



This release form is to be used for all PSU course-related fieldtrips.

Acknowledgement of Risk & Waiver of Liability Release Form 

For non-PSU volunteers, please complete this form.

Conditions of Volunteer Service Form


Special Events Insurance

PSU recommends PSU departments sign up for this health/medical insurance program for the purpose of covering non-PSU youth and adults participating in PSU-sponsored camp/clinic activities held on-campus or away from campus. This provides a minimum level of medical insurance in the event a non-PSU camp/clinic participant is hurt or injured.

Special Events (Camps/Clinics) Insurance Request Form



For additional information, contact our office at Risk Management, or call 503-725-4387.