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Garden Etiquette

Plot Maintenance

While plots do not need to be absolutely weed-free at all times, plots must be reasonably maintained. “Reasonably maintained" means weeds must be under control while produce is being harvested. Plots may be reassigned if not in active use. Paths must be kept accessible at all times.

Community Work

Each Gardener must do their part to care for our shared space and shared equipment by:

  • Respecting the community equipment by returning all tools cleaned to the tool shed after each use
  • Returning the watering hose coiled and turning off the water
  • Maintaining compost as directed by the coordinator
  • Refraining from use of any non-organic chemicals
  • Refraining from harming wildlife
  • Trying to leave the garden better than you found it
  • Attending at least one (1) work party per term

Using the Barbeques

Anyone who uses the barbeques must clean the utensils and take out all associated trash when they are done. Please respect the difference between the regular barbeque and the vegan barbeque -this means no meat and no dairy products may be on this barbeque. Contact the coordinator for further questions.


All University Housing and Residence Life policies must be upheld in this space.  You can find the most up to date policies at the following link:

Alcohol & Smoking

Alcohol and smoking products are not permitted in the community garden.

Forbidden Plants

The following are not allowed in the garden at any time for any reason: Tobacco plants products, hemp/cannabis, Morning Glory, Mint and Mint relatives which includes Lemon Balm and Catnip, or any other illegal plants.

Selling Garden Produce

Products of the PSU Community Garden may not be sold.

Respecting Boundaries

Please respect your neighbors’ boundaries within the garden. Do not take produce and physically stay out of others’ plots unless invited.


Please make an effort to resolve conflict in the spirit of the community. If you need assistance resolving your conflict, contact the Community Garden Coordinator ( and the RHA Advisor (

Garden Security

Do not share your key with non-garden members. The gate must be locked whenever the garden is unoccupied. If you are out of town and wish for a non-garden member to care for your plot in your absence, be sure to clear it with the coordinator in advance and complete the appropriate paperwork.  A non-garden member is able to care for your garden for no more than two (2) weeks at a time before losing community garden privileges.  It is not appropriate for another individual to use your plot during the summer term when you are not living on campus.  The community garden is not to be accessed from sunset to sunrise due to safety concerns.

Leaving the Garden

You must notify the Community Garden Coordinator two weeks in advance when you plan to vacate your plot or when your PSU affiliation changes. To access the garden you must be a residential student of Portland State University.  If you are no longer able to garden your plot and you fail to inform the coordinator, your plot will be reassigned and you will be suspended from further garden involvement for the period of one growing season.

Garden Key

You will be assigned a key to the front gate and the tool shed which you must return when you are no longer a plot holder. A fine equivalent to the value of the key’s replacement will be assessed if keys are not returned at the time you forfeit your plot. 

Lost Keys or Locked Out

If you lose your keys you must notify the Community Garden Coordinator immediately so that the locks can be changed.  A fine equivalent to the value of the key’s replacement will be assessed.  If you are locked out of the garden or for some reason are unable to access the garden while being responsible for a plot, you can ask the Montgomery Desk for the spare key.