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Community Garden

Changes to the Residence Hall Community Garden:

As of Fall Term 2015, the Residence Hall Community Garden is going to refrain from renewing garden plot applications while we work on revamping the space.  During this time, the Residence Hall Association will be working with residents, Residence Hall Community Garden plot holders, and other stakeholders as we work towards providing long lasting, sustainable, and positive change to this space.  

RHA is working to make large scale improvements in the community garden, and is forming a Community Garden Reassessment Committee. This committee will be in charge of assessing the space, gaining resident feedback, creating proposals for improvements in the space, and developing a timeline to implement said improvements.  Our intentions with this project are to make the garden into a safe, utilized, inviting, and sustainable space for all residents. We appreciate your support during this process, and hope that you join us in creating positive change!

If you have any questions about this process or how you can get involved in the future of the Residence Hall Community Garden, please contact


Can I still get a plot?

No, the application process has been closed. This has been done to provide flexibility to the committee in implementing its proposals, and allow RHA to focus all its energy that would otherwise be focused on applications/workparties/plotholders towards the reassessment committee. This will hopefully speed up the process, and ensure its timely completion.

What is the future of the Residence Hall Community Garden?

The assessment committee will be in charge of ensuring the best use of the space according to residential feedback. The committee will be guided by results from surveys, informational interviews, focus groups, and open forums to identify what the residents want to see in the space. 

What about the Community Garden Coordinator?

RHA has created an Ad Hoc position called the Advocacy Initiative Coordinator to chair the committee. They will be in charge of coordinating the entire process. This position will replace the CGC until the garden re-opens, pending residential feedback.