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Proposals Submitted Q1 '14

PI PI Dept CO I CO-I Dept Sponsor proposal_title Amt Req
Allen, David SPED     University of Oregon/Institute for Education Sciences Stand Up for Yourself and Your Friends (STUFF) $159,154
Allen, Jennifer ISS Schrock, Greg USP Urban Sustainability Directors Network Portland State University Sustainable Economic Development (SED) Toolkit $80,796
Ballhorn, Daniel BIO     National Science Foundation The impact of symbiotic nitrogen fixation on plant defense $373,273
Ballhorn, Daniel BIO     National Science Foundation Exploring the ecological role of fungal endophytes - a cryptic, but hyperdiverse group of plant-associated organisms $395,860
Banis, David GEOG McLain, Rebecca GEOG Wilderness Society Wilderness Society Contract $5,862
Banis, David GEOG McLain, Rebecca   USDA Forest Service GIS Support for the Urban Wildland Interactions Team (Amendment #1) $17,000
Barsanti, Kelley CE     The Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc. Postdoctoral Fellowship in Environmental Chemistry $120,000
Borgmeier, Christopher SPED Loman, Sheldon SPED US Department of Education Practical Function-Based Intervention: Feasible and Effective Training for School Personnel to Intervene with Students with Challenging Behavior (P-FIT) $1,417,413
Borgmeier, Christopher SPED     US Department of Education Training for Evidence-based Classroom Habits (TEACH) $1,499,994
Brown, Kim BIO     National Institutes of Health Improving Genomic Resources for Zebrafish Researchers $2,209,223
Burns, Scott INR     US Department of Agriculture 2014 Western Regional Cooperative Soil Survey Conference $15,000
Butenhoff, Christopher PHY Rosenstiel, Todd BIO National Aeronautics and Space Administration Climate Feedbacks of BVOC Emisssions in Response to Arctic Greening $689,395
Butler, Virginia ANTH Sterling, Sarah ANTH National Science Foundation Collaborative Research:  Impacts of Abrupt Environmental Change on North Pacific Human Ecosystem Dynamics using High Resolution Zooarchaeological Records from Coastal Washington      $10,706
Carder, Paula IOA Messer, Lynne IOA Oregon Health and Science University/National Institutes of Health Building an Evidence Base for Treating the Vulnerable:  A Community Partnership $47,640
Carder, Paula IOA     Oregon Health and Science University/Collins Medical Trust  Disparities in Addiction Outcomes for the Homeless: Physiological Mechanisms $10,460
Castek, Jill LING Reder, Stephen LING US Department of Education Training Researchers to Use PIAAC to Further Multidisciplinary Research  $716,854
Cellarius, Karen RRI     Self-Enhancement, Inc./Friends of the Children/Providence Partners in Health Providence Friends/SEI Prevention Project $58,882
Chang, Heejun GEOG Herzfeld, Zack GEOG Ecosystem Services Foundation GIS-based Classification, Valuation, and Mapping of the Ecosystem Services in the Upper Rio Laja Watershed, Mexico $62,443
Chen, Roger CE     Metro Designing Choice Experiments for Evaluating Housing and Transportation Choices $15,000
Christy, John INR     The Nature Conservancy/USDA Forest Service Vegetation Data Collection, Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area $5,848
Clare, Tami Lasseter CHEM     National Science Foundation CAREER: Seeing the invisible--detecting underlying corrosion for the preventive conservation of material cultural heritage.  $528,720
Courcelle, Justin BIO Wendel, Brian BIO National Institutes of Health Completion of DNA Replication $99,717
Crespo, Carlos PRC     Oregon State University/American Diabetes Association Vitamin D and the risk of diabetes and mortality in Mexican American, non Hispanic, Black, and non Hispanic White adults with pre-diabetes $79,432
Daim, Tugrul ETM     National Science Foundation Assessment of U.S. Energy Policies on Renewable Energy Adoption in the Power Generational Section: A Case of the Pacific Northwest $195,417
Daim, Tugrul ECE     National Science Foundation SCH: EXP: Adoption Factors of Electronic Health Record Systems $237,729
Daim, Tugrul ETM     National Science Foundation Developing a Strategic Policy Choice Framework for Technological Innovation for the Biopharmaceutical Industry $307,459
Deardorff, Pam OCCD     Oregon Department of Education/Department of Health and Human Services Professional Development Systems, Standards, Support $2,656,691
Delos Reyes, Jennifer ART     Regional Arts and Culture Council Open Engagement 2013 $8,000
Deur, Douglas ANTH     National Park Service Traditional Use Study with the Native Village of Kiana for Kobuk Valley National Park $20,000
Deur, Douglas ANTH     National Park Service Public Education Regarding Site Protection Options for Off-Reservation Resources Along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail $20,000
Deur, Douglas ANTH     National Park Service Ethnographic Overview and Assessment for Devil's Postpile National Monument and Sequoia-Kings Canyon and Yosemite National Parks $50,000
Deur, Douglas ESR     National Park Service Providing Anthropological Planning and Resource Management Assistance about Ethnographic Resources of Yosemite National Park $63,870
Duffield, Deborah BIO Powell, James W.B.    Oiled Wildlife Care Network Bone density in the sea otter (Enhydra lutris) as an indicator of acute and chronic oil exposure.  $9,996
Duh, Jiunn-Der GEOG     US Department of Agriculture USDA National Water and Climate Center (NWCC) Spatial Services - Watershed Analysis Internet GIS $205,310
Dusicka, Peter CE     Multnomah County Sellwood Bridge Anchor Rod Load Verification $70,735
Dusicka, Peter CE     Bonneville Power Administration Substation Seismic Performance $102,399
Dusicka, Peter CE     Bonneville Power Administration Transformer Bushing Testing $170,418
Elliott, Debra SRL     Rockwood Water PUD Rockwood Water PUD Satisfaction Survey $16,496
Elliott, Debra SRL     Oregon Association of Colleges of Teacher Education Oregon Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Alumni and Employer Surveys $24,950
Elliott, Debra SRL     Oregon University System OUS 2013 One Year Later Survey $50,000
Ervin, David ECON     University of Iowa/US Department of Agriculture Integrating Human Behavioral & Agronomic Practices to Improve Food Security by Reducing the Risk & Consequences of Herbicide-Resistant Weeds $76,006
Fish, William CE     Jensen Precast, Inc. Particle Size Determinations for Treated Samples $1,559
Flynn, Erin RSP     Oregon BEST Polaris Ramp Up Project $150,000
Fountain, Andrew GEOL     US Geological Survey Glacier Change in the Rocky Mountain West $35,000
Gaines, Eleanor INR     Bureau of Land Management BLM Snowy Plover Monitoring and Nest Protection $22,000
Gelmon, Sherril PA Sandberg, Billie PA Oregon Health Policy and Research Patient-Centered Primary Care Home Evaluation $180,000
George, Linda BIO     Environmental Protection Agency EPA STAR Fellowship - Christine Kendrick $51,000
Greenwood, Steve NPCC     USDA Forest Service Moist Mixed Forest Science Policy Workshop for Eastern Oregon $12,000
Griffin, Corey ARCH Sailor, David ME National Science Foundation Interdisciplinary, Research-based Engineering and Design (IRED) Green Building Scholars Program $630,979
Guerrant, Ed ESR     Bureau of Land Management Report to BLM on Conservation Activities $14,016
Hammarlund, Jeffrey   Shinn, Craig   US Department of Labor Integrated Sector Career Pathways (ISCP) for the Energy and Manufacturing Cluster $919,372
Harris, Kathryn LING Arnold, Nike LING Spencer Foundation Using Classroom Video to Develop Professional Vision in Pre-Service Teacher Evaluation $499,997
Holt, Jon WLL     The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles Obento - Japanese Culture in a Box $2,524
Jaffee, Daniel SOC     National Science Foundation Bottled Water, Commodification, and Contestation in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada $197,910
Jay, David CE Talke, Stefan CE National Science Foundation Nonlinear and Non-Stationary Tides in Tidal-Rivers ad River Estuaries
Jiao, Jun ME     National Science Foundation Graphene-TiO2-Based Multicomponent Photocatalysts and Their Synergetic Effects on Visible-Light Absorption $448,701
Johannson, Erik CHEM     National Science Foundation CAREER: Interfacial and Bulk Chemical Control of Semiconductors Towards Highly Efficient Photovoltaics $430,086
Jurjevich, Jason PRC     University of Colorado/National Science Foundation User Study of Geovisualizing Uncertainty in Survey Data $49,996
Kahn, Kimberly PSY     Russell Sage Foundation Force and the Face: Examining Intragroup Bias in Police/Suspect Interactions $29,771
Keller, Tom RRI     American Research Institutes/US Department of Justice National Resource Mentoring Center $41,794
Klein, Charles ANTH     Sociometrics Corporation/National Institutes of Health Adapting SISTA/SIHLE/WILLOW Prevention Trilogy for Black Men $52,341
Kono, Nariyo       Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs/National Science Foundation Documenting Ichishkiin $39,440
Lowrey, Marty CWP     Administration for Children and Families Putting the Pieces Together for Oregon Youth (PPT) $720,000
Lucash, Melissa ESR Scheller, Robert ESR National Science Foundation Collaborative Proposal:  Understanding the potential for a climate change-driven critical transition from forest to chaparral $308,279
Lucash, Melissa ESR     University of Alaska - Fairbanks/National Aeronautics and Space Administration Increasing fire frequency on the carbon dynamics of a boreal landscape $293,707
Lutterschmidt, Deborah BIO     National Science Foundation
Neuroendocrine mechanisms mediating differences in reproductive timing $677,015
Mashburn, Andrew PSY     University of Virginia/US Department of Education Replicating and Extending Minds in Motion:  A Structured Play-based After-school Curriculum that Improves Executive Function, Visuospatial Skills, Math and Classroom Behavior $974,716
McCaffrey, Robert GEOL     National Science Foundation Collaborative Research: Geodetic measurements to address enigmatic strain and rifting in the Snake River Plain  
McElhone, Dot CI     University of Texas, San Antonio/Spencer Foundation A Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Examination of Teachers' Specialized Knowledge for Supporting Reader_Text Interactions $17,500
McLain, Rebecca ISS     USDA Forest Service Blue Mountain Restoration Rural Stewardship Network Analysis and Mapping $49,829
Miller, Thaddeus USP     National Science Foundation Standard Research Grant: Imaginaries of Sustainability: The Technopolitics of Smart Cities & the Shaping of Our Urban Future $493,450
Monsere, Christopher CE Dill, Jennifer OTREC Cambridge Systematics, Inc./Federal Highway Administration Cycle Track Planning and Design Information $113,882
Moradkhani, Hamid CE     National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Integrating Data Assimilation and Multi-modeling Within CHPS for Improved Seasonal Drought Predication $17,500
Nielsen-Pincus, Max ESR     University of Oregon/US Department of Agriculture Understanding the Roles of Socioeconomic Vulnerability, Adaptive Capacity, and Mitigation in Determining Economic Impacts of Wildfire $2,728
Nielsen-Pincus, Max ESR     University of Oregon/US Department of Agriculture Understanding the Roles of Socioeconomic Vulnerability, Adaptive Capacity, and Mitigation in Determining Economic Impacts of Wildfire $9,509
Noll, Jennifer MTH     National Science Foundation CAREER: Innovative Approaches to Statistics Education for All:
Research on College and Underrepresented Students' Development of Core
Statistical Ideas through Dynamic Technologies
Odell, Turner NPCC     US Department of Agriculture SageCon Partnership Facilitation and Coordination $25,000
Oschwald, Mary RRI Powers, Laurie RRI National Institutes of Health Pregnancy Decision-Making/Supports for Women with Developmental Disabilities $400,000
Pan, Yangdong ESR     Kier Associates Klamath River Long-term Periphyton Community Characterization $16,735
Pankow, James CE     US Geological Survey Support of Stream Sampling for Dissolved Pesticides in 2013 Using the Autonomous Portland State University (PSU) Stream Sampler... $35,000
Pankow, James CHEM     Electric Power Research Institute Evaluation of Implications of Results from Regional Modeling of Effects of Gaseous vs. Particle-Phase Atmospheric Water on Levels of Secondary Organic Aerosol $50,000
Parra, Jeremy CHEM Atkinson, Dean ESR National Science Foundation REU Site: Atmospheric Science Experiences for Rural and Tribal Oregonians  $408,230
Podrabsky, Jason BIO     National Science Foundation NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program:  Claire Riggs $132,000
Podrabsky, Jason BIO     National Science Foundation
Regulation of extreme anoxia tolerance via microRNAs in embryos of the annual killifish Austrofundulus limnaeus $899,101
Podrabsky, Jason BIO     National Institutes of Health Mitochondrial microRNA regulation of nuclear gene expression during anoxia in the most anoxia tolerant vertebrate $1,783,463
Potiowsky, Thomas NERC     Oregon Wave Energy Trust Oregon Wave Energy Economic Readiness Project: Short-Term Project $30,500
Raghavan, Rahul BIO     Collins Medical Trust  Characterization of non-coding RNAs that promote Coxiella burnetii infection of human macrophages $30,000
Raghavan, Rahul BIO     Oregon Health and Science University RNA Regulators of Coxiella burnetii Infection        $40,000
Reysenbach, Anna-Louise BIO     National Science Foundation Collaborative Proposal: Physical and Microbial Changes During Seafloor Vent Deposit Initiation and Maturation $196,308
Rice, Andrew PHY Butenhoff, Christopher PHY National Aeronautics and Space Administration Urban Form and Carbon: a measurement and modeling study of a Pacific Northwest Metropolitan Area $605,141
Richardson, Susan RRI     US Department of Justice Reclaiming Futures - Federal Sites $1,400,000
Roeser, Robert PSY Mashburn, Andrew PSY Education Service District 112/Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Mindful P3 Settings (MP3) Projects $231,680
Roeser, Robert PSY Mashburn, Andrew PSY Spencer Foundation Testing the Efficacy of Mindfulness Training for Teachers on Improving Classroom Settings for Early Adolescents $293,291
Rosenstiel, Todd BIO Eppley, Sarah BIO National Science Foundation
Collaborative Proposal: Resolving a volatile debate between the sexes: Intralocus sexual conflict and the evolution of dimorphism in mosses $392,981
Rosenstiel, Todd BIO     USDA Forest Service Assessment and analysis of the environmental drivers of stress in Jeffrey Pine $62,500
Sailor, David ME     Oregon BEST An experimental paradigm for validating PeakPower® Energy Monitoring and Control System for effective efficiency and energy saving improvements  $63,335
Scheller, Robert ESR     University of Wisconsin-Madison/National Aeronautics and Space Administration Effects of disturbance on below ground carbon cycling through an experimental forest manipulation $254,684
Schmidt, MaryAnn ESR     North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative/US Fish & Wildlife Service Using Beaver for Climate Change and Conservation Benefits – the state-of-the-science and workshop dissemination for assessing the stream restoration  $98,372
Shaker, Lee SP     William T. Grant Foundation Activating a Silent Partner: Young People, Digital Media Literacy, and Local Political Participation $350,000
Shattuck, Aimee SALP     Oregon Campus Compact/Corporation for National and Community Service MLK Day of Service $1,000
Shusterman, Gwen CHEM     Howard Hughes Medical Institute TBD $2,499,130
Simoyi, Reuben CHEM     National Science Foundation Mechanisms of Thiols and Thiocarbamides Activities in the Physiological Environment
Singer, Jeffrey BIO     American Heart Association Role of the CUI3/KLHL3 E3 Ligase in Hypertension $140,000
Streck, Martin GEOL     National Science Foundation Petrology of the Devine Canyon Tuff Magma Body: Implications for Rush Models $82,360
Strecker, Angela ESR     University of Washington Systematic review of aquatic ecological integrity assessments in Western North America $11,245
Sundt, Jody CJPRI Salisbury, Emily CJPRI Oregon Department of Corrections/US Department of Justice Building the Capacity to Deliver Smart Probation: A Research Strategy to Promote Fidelity to Correctional Best Practices $72,950
Sydorenko, Tetyana LING     National Science Foundation CAREER: Learning Second Language Pragmatics via Virtual Conversational Agents: An Investigation of Attitudes, Language Learning Outcomes, and Cognitive Processes $500,334
Sytsma, Mark ESM     US Forest Service Diamond Lake Water Quality Monitoring $3,500
Sytsma, Mark ESR     USDA Forest Service Waldo Lake Limnological Studies $8,217
Sytsma, Mark ESR     US Fish & Wildlife Service Intern Funding AIS Management Plans $24,999
Sytsma, Mark ESR     Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission/Bonneville Power Administration Zebra and Quagga Mussel Monitoring in the Columbia River Basin $49,256
Talke, Stefan CE     Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Sloane Foundation Fellowship Application $50,000
Teuscher, Christof ECE     Semiconductor Research Corporation Adaptive, Robust, and Efficient Computation with Bio-Chemical Reactions $417,830
Thanheiser, Eva MTH     National Science Foundation CAREER: Experiences that Motivate Preservice Elementary School Teachers to Learn Mathematics In Their Mathematics Content Courses $984,798
Thomas, Evan ME     GSMA The CellPump Project $301,214
Thornton, Thomas ANTH Gamburd, Michele ANTH USDA Forest Service Indigenous and Historical Cultural Ecosystem Services Mapping for Southeast Alaska; Applications to the US Forest Service $9,000
Trinidad, Alma RRI Cellarius, Karen   US Department of Education Dimensions: Development of of an Innovative High School Curriculum of Social Justice, Youth Empowerment, and Leadership for Student Success.  $1,500,000
Walker, Janet       University of Washington/Department of Health and Human Services Wraparound Audit $100,036
Wells, Scott CE     National Aeronautics and Space Administration Madison Hathaway MUREP Scholarship $15,000
Wilkinson, Lindsey SOC     Loyola Marymount University/National Science Foundation Documenting the STEM Pipeline for LGB Adolescents and Young Adults:  A Longitudinal Look at STEM Persistence and Dropout $56,226
Wortham-Galvin, B.D. ARCH     National Endowment for the Humanities Digital Tools for Participatory Design and Preservation $30,000
Zaron, Edward CE     Arete Associates/National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Activities in Support of Arete Associate's R&D Submission to NGA: Data Assimilation and Inverse Modeling in Rivers, Estuaries, and the Coastal Ocean $115,019