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Professor Olivia Murray publishes new book: Queer Inclusion in Teacher Education
Professor Olivia Murray publishes new book: Queer Inclusion in Teacher Education

Queer Inclusion in Teacher Education explores the challenges and promises of building queer inclusive pedagogy and curriculum into teacher education. Weaving together theory, research findings, and practical "how-to" strategies and materials, it fills an important gap by offering a clear roadmap and resources for influencing the knowledge, beliefs, and actions of faculty working with preservice teachers.

While the book has implications for policy change, most immediately, readers will feel empowered with ideas for faculty development they can implement in their own teacher education programs. Looking at both the politics and practices of teacher education and the ways in which queer issues manifest in schools, it is hopeful in suggesting that if teachers and preservice teachers can critically reflect on homophobia and heteronormativity, they can begin to think about and relate to queer youth in a different, more positive and inclusive way.

A companion website with additional activities and materials for teacher educators and faculty development and a practical guide enhances the usefulness of the book.

Innovative and thought provoking, this book’s three-fold approach is particularly novel and useful. It engages with the material and with readers at multiple levels, which makes it all the more useful to a variety of audiences with diverse needs. --Luca Maurer, Program Director, Center for LGBT Education, Outreach & Services, Ithaca College, USA


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