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OpenSesame: Making Magic for Online Training Courses
OpenSesame: Making Magic for Online Training Courses

OpenSesame, a Portland State University Business Accelerator company-in-residence, is a crowd-sourced marketplace for purchasing and selling online training courses. Headquartered at the PSU Business Accelerator, OpenSesame offers customers affordable, reusable and effective online training with more than 20,000 online courses and pay-per-use pricing.

Business Accelerator veterans Don Spear and Joshua Blank co-founded OpenSesame to make buying and selling elearning courses as easy as downloading a song from iTunes. OpenSesame’s marketplace helps companies eliminate annual subscriptions, lower training costs and expand training resources.

OpenSesame course offerings include courses in business skills, information technology, software, compliance, healthcare, safety, as well as academic courses and industry specific courses for professionals. OpenSesame offers courses in eight languages as well as live help for users.

As a member of the PSU Business Accelerator, OpenSesame relies on PSU for both recruiting and partnership opportunities, regularly recruiting permanent employees and interns through the PSU Career Services office. OpenSesame has also partnered with a group of PSU MBA students to complete market research on the elearning and training sector.

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