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Neera Malhotra
Neera Malhotra


Ed.D.- Special Education, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, U.S. “Sexuality and Women with Intellectual Disabilities”
M.S.- Educational Leadership & Policies, Portland State University, Portland Oregon, U.S.
M.Ed- Special Education, Osmania University, India
B.Ed.- Special Education, M. P. Bhoj University, India
B.B.A.- Program Management, Annamalai University, India

PSU History

Started in Fall 2008 as a Graduate Student.
Served as Graduate Mentor with University Studies (UNST) between 2012-2015.
Served as an Adjunct Instructor between Winter 2016- Summer 2016
Currently serving as as core Faculty- UNST since Fall 2016.

Subject Matter Focus

Critical Disability Studies & Positive Sexualities; Creative Pedagogy; Ethnodrama- Qualitative Research methods; Universal Design as a Pedagogical Method; Spiritual Pedagogy; Trauma Informed Studies; Feminist Pedagogies; Culturally Responsive Education; Community Based Research

Brief Teaching Philosophy

My doctoral work focused on qualitative research to bring forward the voices of women with intellectual disabilities around their understanding of sexuality using theater. This work paved my way to explore multiple ways to create safe space in the classroom and community workshops, I call safe space as sacred learning space. As an academic, my role is to continue to facilitate open, welcoming and safe-sacred-learning space within my classes. I do so, by using deep listening, open dialogues, writing, mindful movements, meditation, and universal design as a pedagogical framework. This framework facilitate connection with one another and aims to embrace diversity to honor every individual coming from all walks of life. “Through education, acceptance and compassion, we could all create pure love on the planet earth”. As a researcher, I am curious to explore the role of Trauma Informed Approaches in understanding sexuality by young adults within inclusive settings.

Courses Taught

FRINQ: Human/ Nature
SINQ: Gender & Sexualities
SINQ: Families and Society

Personal Interests

I love nature walks, collecting indoor plants & atypical art, cooking, traveling, exploring myself to grow as a human being through reading, journaling, discourses and yoga & meditation. I also love teaching Meditation to my beloved Portland community. Most importantly, I am inseparable from deep connections with my culture, my family and friends!

Neera Malhotra

Assistant Professor
University Studies
office: CH 137
phone: (503) 725-9414
fax: (503) 725-5977