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Meet Peer Advisor Katherine Gaffey
Meet Peer Advisor Katherine Gaffey

As an International Studies and Political Science major, Katherine loves gaining a deeper understanding of the many cultures that surround us.  During the 2019 winter and spring terms, Katherine studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain, through ALBA, one of PSU's approved study abroad programs.  

Study abroad is wonderful because it allows you to open your life to another world filled with unique experiences that may have never crossed your mind. Had she not gone to Barcelona, Katherine wouldn't be abIe to say that she's been cliff jumping in the Mediterranean with some of her dearest friends, followed by eating delicious paella on the beach. Studying abroad was the best decision Katherine ever made! 

Studying abroad provided Katherine with a global perspective and helped her grow as an individual. You'll always find Katherine planning her next trip and reminiscing on her times abroad.  She looks forward to helping you do the same!

Katherine Gaffey
Education Abroad Peer Advisor
KMC 608

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