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Meet Jenny McNamara
Meet Jenny McNamara

Jenny McNamara is the director of the Campus Sustainability Office at PSU. The Campus Sustainability Office builds capacity for stewardship of natural resources by facilitating collaboration and leading efforts to ensure a sustainable approach in campus operations. The office also provides educational resources for the PSU community and benchmarks sustainability performance across a variety of areas to gauge progress and set priorities.

Jenny has a long background in campus sustainability planning. Before joining PSU, she served for nearly 5 years as the Sustainability Manager at the University of North Carolina Greensboro where she facilitated broad-spectrum programming and cross campus collaboration. Prior to that, she worked at North Carolina State University where she helped conduct and write the first sustainability assessment for that university. Jenny has also served as an independent environmental consultant in both technical and educational capacities. 

Jenny enjoys spending time outdoors with her amazing family. She holds a BA in Environmental Studies and is honored to be a part of the vibrant and renowned sustainability community at Portland State University.


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